Country Fairs=Simple Pleasure

country fairFrom mid August to mid September, it seems that every small town in Maine has a country fair.  Experiencing them has been quite a new adventure for me, one that has been so much fun.

country faircountry faircountry faircountry fairThe food section is filled with tantalizing smells that let us know right away we’ll be eating our way through the midway.  You just can’t beat fried clams or fish ‘n chips at a country fair, and there’s homemade ice cream, strawberry shortcake and apple crisp to boot.  There’s plenty of junk food, too, but I try not to see it!

country fairFood and produce exhibits are loaded with homegrown and homemade items, and it seems that everyone who enters gets a ribbon of some kind.  

country fairIn the case of foodstuffs, giving awards may be a little easier than sampling.

chickenchickenchickenchickenGoing through the animal barns is entering a whole new world for this city gal.  There are species there I have never seen before, especially of the two legged variety. Wonder if my farmgirl daughter has any of these chicks.

country fairThe four legged critters take everything in stride and are nonplussed by curious onlookers who want to take their picture.

country fairOccasionally, one will even strike a pose!

country fairFor 4H and FFA kids, these fairs are opportunity to show their animals and, perhaps, pick up a cash award.  Judging from the grooming efforts, the competition is taken very seriously.

country fairThere are all kinds of other competions from horse pulls

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAto calf roping, a really fun event to watch and one that gals do really well.

country faircountry faircountry faircountry fairTo my amazement, the Union Fair had a circus that was a real family affair. Talk about a variety of acts, there was everything from magic to acrobatics to juggling to walking on swords and swallowing fire.  

country fairFor me, the highlight of the fairs is harness racing.  From what I’m told, a successful driver can make a tidy sum during the fair season.  He won’t benefit from my money, however, cause my bets are pretend, and it’s a good thing because I’m not very good at picking winners.

Who would guess that Maine has introduced me to so many new things?  Here, life is enjoying simple pleasures.

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16 thoughts on “Country Fairs=Simple Pleasure

  1. oh oh oh how I love our fair!! I have not posted our 6 days of Fair adventures for this year yet. Our fair runs for 12 days in the beginning of August and we go from opening at 9:00 a.m. until closing at 11:30 p.m. It is a true vacation for our family spending every day there that we can.

  2. We call them Fetes here in Australia and I do love them. I don’t know why but the fudge you get a church, community and school fetes tastes so much better than when you buy it.

  3. Country fairs are the best, aren’t they??!?!! Just good, old-fashioned fun in the all outdoors! We used to go all the time when I was young. I wasn’t much on the smell of cow poop or the flies, but the rest of it was so much fun! I love to see the young people so involved with their 4-H projects. These are kids with a really well-rounded education…something inner city kids would benefit from if given the chance. Learning to grow their own food, cultivate crops, raise prize animals…that’s a part of life that every person should have at least some ground floor knowledge on.

    I’m glad you had a good time! Great pictures!

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