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When my blog friend Cuisine Kathleen issued a challenge to create an end of summer table, I thought I can’t do this.  Summer comes late to Maine and leaves early, and I want to hold on to its sunlight and bright colors as long as possible.

Camden HarborThen serendipity stepped in as the hosts for our August gourmet gathering chose to take advantage of summer’s fleeing moments by having our dinner outside. Nothing could have been more perfect than overlooking beautiful Camden Harbor and the Camden Hills at twilight.

Maine gourmetEverything about the evening was just right from the simple table to the lobster that was on the menu.

Maine gourmetSee the rocks on the table?  They are for cracking the lobster claws.  

Maine gourmetOther crackers were available, but you’ve got to have some real muscle power to crack those claws when the lobster is hard shell.

Maine gourmetAdding a touch of late summer were the hydrangeas which are just beginning to bloom and will last through the fall, turning pink as the season changes.

Maine gourmetAfter an enjoyable hour catching up on all our summer activities, dinner was served.  This, my friends, is a 2 pound lobster, baked and stuffed with a mixture of clams, crab, shrimp and scallops.  Talk about a great way to bid farewell to summer!

Camden HarborAs evening fell, and we were surrounded by the beauty that is Maine, we all expressed our gratitude for shared friendship and for being in a place we so love.  I am a very lucky girl and very grateful to the friend who made it possible for me to share in Cuisine Kathleen’s challenge!

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34 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Ahh to be at that table and enjoying the lobster feast! If I ever get to Maine, I’m going to eat lobster three times a day. What a perfect evening of food, fun and friendship.

  2. Linda, Be Still My Heart…what a beautiful setting to celebrate summer! I can’t decide what’s more enticing, your stuffed lobster or your harbor view…*sigh*…The dusky sunset view is a thing of beauty. Wishing you a Delicious and Happy Labor Day 🙂

  3. Wait… your hydrangeas are just beginning to bloom and will last all fall? Oh, how I envy that!! Ours bloom in the spring and are gone by June. I miss them. The table in that setting is just lovely, and I’m glad serendipity intervened for you way up there on the rocky shores of Maine.

    1. This hydrangea actually is a tree that lasts through late fall. Until I started spending time in Maine, I never knew how many varieties there were.

  4. Does it get any better than this? Oh, how I love Maine! I would so love to be having one of those lobsters right about now! Yum!

    You cannot beat that setting, either. Well, I do live near a bay in Florida which is gorgeous (St. Augustine), but Maine also won my heart years ago. You are blessed!


    Sheila 🙂

  5. What an absolutely beautiful evening it must have been, Linda. You certainly had one outstanding view. And the lobster certainly looked just perfect.

  6. Oh, wish I had been there! I have always wanted to do this, maybe this year it will warm up in September and we will be able to. We have had cold and rain all August and it is very rare here as August usually breaks 100 most days and we are pure desert.
    What a night!

  7. I love Maine! You are so lucky to live there. Your lobster looks so delicious and your table is lovely. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. I love Maine! We vacationed there quite often! I miss the east coast a lot but not your cold, snowy winters! This tablescape was wonderful! I loved your pictures of the sail boats, the yummy lobster and your carefree table! Thanks for sharing and bringing back some wonderful memories.
    Blessings My Friend,

  9. Camden is such a beautiful little seaside town…gorgeous view from your table! There is nothing better than New England in the summer…I really miss living there.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Linda.

  10. Lulu, this table brings back so many memories for me! We used to rent a home in Chatham every year, right AFTER Labor Day, when the prices & the crowds both dropped.
    Your lobster makes me want to fly back to Cape Cod right this minute!!
    Thanks for the recipe & for the trip down memory lane. I’m envious of your boating adventures!

  11. Lulu all harbors are beautiful at sunset but this not only looks so peaceful and serene but someplace I would love to see. you truly are blessed to live in such beauty and the food Wow does that look inviting.so enjoyed looking at this blog.Susie

  12. What a lovely setting for your tablescape. I am still sighing, how I would love to see this lovely part of our beautiful country. That lobster looked totally delectable….. Candy

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