Let’s Eat!

Some of you have asked how we manage food on the boat when we are on a multi day trip.  Actually, it’s pretty easy.  As mentioned earlier, the galley is equipped with a refrigerator and freezer plus a microwave/convection oven, so I make things ahead that can be kept cold and heated as needed.

peach pancake/foodFor breakfast, there’s cereal, blueberry muffins and one morning pancakes with caramelized peaches, not a bad way to start the day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh, and let me not forget to mention that my frother for morning coffee goes everywhere with me!

foodLunch is generally an easy to put together sandwich served simply and eaten underway.

 boattablescapeWhen we have dinner aboard, there are real dishes that make for a happy table.

 boat tablescapeAs you might guess, everything tends toward the nautical

nautical flatwareand even the flatware is in keeping with the theme.

boat tablescapeI do cheat a little when it comes to plastic stems with with skid proof bottoms, very practical for use on a boat.

boat tablescapeWhen we are going to be on the boat several days, flowers are a must to make things seem more homey.  When they are not on the table, they rest in the galley sink so as not to spill when we are underway.  There’s always a little something more to think about when you are on a boat!

boat tablescape/foodFor dinner, I pop a casserole or quiche into the microwave and in minutes we have  a dinner as good as most I fix at home, and you know what?  It tastes even better when we are on the water beneath a twilight sky.

So there you have it, eating on the boat and you are welcome to join.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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17 thoughts on “Let’s Eat!

  1. simply magnifique… classy, refined, charming… HL = huge ‘like’… ❤ 🙂

  2. Hi Lulu, your photos are gorgeous! I love the flowers!

  3. A bit of planning ahead and it looks like you are eating like a King and Queen! Your pretty dishes certainly do make you feel as cozy as if you were at home! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Fresh air makes everything taste better. It does look like you ate well even though this wasn’t your favorite boating adventure.

  5. Aw, man….the sailing life! What a great, great life it must be! And you make it that much nicer with all the touches of home including flowers and scrumptious food! You KNOW I love that flatware and those compass dishes!!! It’s not easy to find a lot of nautical-inspired items here in the dead center of the nation, but I’m always on the lookout!

    Excellent! Sail on, sister!

  6. I love peaches and your breakfast looks yummy. Each meal is so well presented and looks so healthy and tasty.

  7. Since we’re not boating people, I had no idea how you manage. I enjoyed every word of your post and learned a thing or two – or more. It’s very special that you set a pretty table for your meals. I’m afraid I’d resort to “good enough”. Your nautical setting is lovely!

  8. bluecrabmartini August 21, 2014 — 5:29 pm

    Looks like you are cruising in style (and with happy bellies)! I grew up with parents that raced sailboats every weekend and I fondly recall cooking (or attempting to cook) in the little galley. Looks like a skill you’ve mastered!

    1. That used to be us, but with so Amy places to go off the coast of Maine, we gave up sailboats and racing and went to a power boat.

  9. Great looking food. I haven’t made a quiche in ages. Thanks for the reminder. Those caramelized peaches are giving me ideas too. Love your nautical dishes.

  10. Well…you make it look so easy and good. Skid proof sounds brilliant for a boat!

  11. Everything looks wonderful. You have such an eye for detail…
    It’s So great that you go the extra mile.

  12. I agree with you, Lulu. Everything tastes better when it is enjoyed on the water. It looks like you have preparing meals in a small galley down to a science. What fun.

  13. It all looks so wonderful and everything is better out on the water in my mind. There are 2 places I love to be and that is in our woods escaping the world or on the boat drifting along!! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Thanks for sharing this Lulu, I have been dying for the details! It looks simple, organized and most importantly delicious! I can’t believe you take your coffee frother with you! And fresh flowers! You sure know how to travel!

  15. Those flowers are beautiful as is the great delicious food. I miss our boat!

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