The Last Legs

The last legs of the Nova Scotia adventure were to Shelburne and Lunenburg on the south shore.  Luckily, most of what there is to see is near the wharf which made it easy for us to explore.

ShelburneI found it interesting that Shelburne was settled after the American Revolution by people who wanted to remain loyal to the British Crown.  Many of the homes in the old town date back to the late 1700’s and have been quite well maintained.

ShelburneShelburneShelburneOne such house is open for touring, allowing one glimpses of life in times past.  Of course, a table setting caught my eye as did the handwoven overshot coverlets so typical of the period.

ShelburneShelburne is home to a historic dory maker, and seeing those crafts reminded me of many a painting of fishermen in stormy seas.

ShelburneAs lovely as this historic site was, what I liked best was the evening sunset over calm sea and clear sky!

Another 3 hours up the coast to Lunenburg, and by now I’m very glad for the 24 knot speed of our boat .  Much of this journey was off shore meaning there was not very much to see, so it made me happy that we got from place to place much quicker than if we were sailing or had a much slower power boat.

LunenburgAnyway, to Lunenburg, a seemingly popular tourist spot full of color.  There were plenty of shops and eateries, all crowded with summertime visitors.

Fleur de SelLunenburgLunenburgThe best part of this stop was dinner at Fleur de Sel located in the heart of historic Lunenburg.  The French trained chef uses local ingredients to create a tasty menu.  The food was presented beautifully and  just as good as it looked.

A week of travel on a boat is many things from foggy weather to choppy sea to impossible moorings  to breathtaking sunrises and sunsets to meeting new and interesting people.  Though all of it is part of the adventure, I have to confess this was not my favorite trip.  We covered a lot of miles not to have seen more than we did.  To top it all off, we had a little mechanical difficulty at the end of the trip that made docking the boat  more than a little challenging.  Oh well, it’s the doing that counts and makes life continually interesting.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

11 thoughts on “The Last Legs

  1. Once again, photos that just give me the bubblys!!! Wow! Look at all of those colorful houses on shore! That’s a pretty spectacular sight! The way they just kind of progress upward with the steeple of the church kind of topping it off…cool!!!

    I enlarged the picture of the fireplace, and I’m just loving it! First, the paint job of the fireplace surround is slick! I love that color! Then to see that fireplace much as it must have been back then was just so intriguing! I’m guessing that for safety’s sake that’s not a real wood fire, but still…we get the idea. I gotta figure out how to install something like that in our master bedroom. It would look SO cool, and we’d have the added bonus of a little light and warmth in winter.

    Sorry the tail end of your adventure wasn’t all you would have liked for it to be. That sucks a lot, I know, but at least you were OUT THERE!!! Out there taking in the WORLD!!! That just blows me away! Go, girl!!! Oh, wait….you already WENT!!!! 🙂

  2. You have brought back good memories of Lunenburg ! It has been several years since we were there. Beautiful.

  3. Boating = mechanical problems. I really enjoyed your trip, especially seeing so many things I’ve never seen before. I love the colorful buildings and boats in today’s post~

  4. Beautiful photos and scenes. My favorite is the dory maker. His barn is just gorgeous.

  5. Oh my and I thought those narrow lanes in England were harrowing. Are you still traveling? If so I hope things go smoother for you. That shot of Lunenburg is beautiful.

  6. Love our boat and boating but alas it always seems there’s a mechanical issue every year that needs addressing. The town picture is beautiful!! So glad we were able to share in some of your visits and travels. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. You still made memories and had some good times as well. You’re blessed girl. Lol. The pics were great and I’m sure the food was as well. Sorry for the mechanical problems.

  8. Despite its issues your trip sounds like it was most interesting. One of our favorite restaurants on Sicily is called Fleur de Sel.

  9. Darn that you had mechanical problems! Hope you managed to find more good weather days than not. If you had come up to Mahone Bay (just north of Lunenburg) we could have had a visit : ). Patty/NS

    1. Definitely more good days than bad. Yarmouth was foggy but the rest of the coast was good except in patches. It would have been a treat to meet you.

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