On To Yarmouth

Swan's Island

Trekking back to the boat after last night’s concert, fog was settling in,

Swan's Islandand by morning Swan’s Island was completely socked in,

Swan's Island/lighthousequite a contrast to yesterday.

Though traveling in fog is not my favorite way to boat, thanks to great radar equipment we headed on out, destination Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  The fog never lifted, so we saw nothing along the way, and Yarmouth was as foggy.  Bummer!

YarmouthLuckily, near the wharf was an antique shop where I know many of you would have found a special treasure.

antiques/bottlesAs for me, I’d like to have had a few of these bottles, but I had no cash and the dealer didn’t take credit cards.  Oh well, I probably didn’t need them anyway.

YarmouthWalking back to the boat, I glimpsed this window in a marine supply store.  It added color to an otherwise gray day.

Yarmouth/fishing boatsWhen the fog lifted, there were some interesting sights, like the fishing boats that left early evening to throw their nets at night.  I guess that is so they don’t interfere with daytime boat traffic.

Yarmouth/fishing boatThey carry little boats on the stern.   If any of you know what the purpose of the smaller boat is, I’d love to know.

YarmouthAs the sun began to drop, gulls and cormorants flocked to an island near the wharf and made the most raucous noise.  Interestingly, I was told, the island used to be covered with trees but now there are only a few stubs thanks to the acidity of the gull poop.  You never know what you are going to learn at a marina!

Yarmouth/sunsetLuckily, the fog began to lift just as the day ended letting the magnificent colors of sunset shine through.  Once again I thought what an incredible artist God is.


Speaking of art, this photo taken early morning reminds of an abstract painting, but it is a large anchor silhouetted against the sky.  You never know what is going to capture your eye through the lens of a camera!

YarmouthSo much for Yarmouth.  After a quiet night, we are once again prepared to move on.  As we left the harbor, what we hadn’t seen the day before bid us farewell.

Yarmouth/lighthouseWho knew there was a lighthouse at the outer harbor?  If it had welcomed us, we totally missed it!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

24 thoughts on “On To Yarmouth

  1. Beautiful images, weather be damned, and I loved the words you used. Living vicariously through you and your trip! I would probably have had to find a way to buy a bottle or two. Oh well.

    1. No money wall convenient or I’d have had a few!

  2. I am so loving following you two on your journey…can’t imagine traveling through the fog…your photos documenting your trip are just phenomenal…you truly capture the spirit of each community/island you visit….

    1. If you are looking for adventure, the fog ensures you have one!

  3. I am enjoying your boat trip Linda, fog or no fog, your photos are exceptional!

    1. Thank you. Sometimes the camera gets it right.

  4. I love all the lighthouses and hope when I get to Maine, I see some of that fog, just not too much where it blocks the views. So many interesting things to photograph and you captured them perfectly.

    1. Hurry on up. It’s beautiful here now and unusually cool.

  5. Great bottles. And I love the window shot – so colourful 🙂

  6. so beautiful and I would definitely buy that old little cheese jar!!

  7. Love your updates and comments. But… Even with good radar, isn’t being on a boat in the fog like driving without your lights on at a lonely, or guess it could be a busy, stretch of the road. I hate fog!!! Stay safe and keep the updates coming! Hugs from Houston, Carol

    1. You nailed it. What is really funny is that after a while the fog takes on shapes, much, I think, like seeing mirages in the desert.

  8. Picturesque! Love the beautiful lighthouses. Great captures 🙂

    1. Thanks, Amy. It always makes me happy to have you here.

  9. I just love looking at the lighthouses and the homes by the sea. They just look so distinctively Americana to me. I like to imagine the lives of the people who live there, how the lighthouse guy doesn’t have to fight traffic to get to work, how he has a tough job when the weather is bad…y’know…that kind of stuff! I wonder if because he and his family live there if they still can see the absolute wonder in it all.

    Oh, yeah…I would have wanted a bunch of those bottles!!! Too bad the guy didn’t take credit. Wow…that’s kind of amazing in this day and time when few checks are written and the debit card is so common!

    Ick! about the bird poo!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!! 🙂

    That 1st picture is really, really cool with the red of the structure hazed out by the fog. Very artistic!

    1. How I love the way your imagination works, painting mind pictures that are as good as the real thing!

  10. Reblogged this on HOME IS WHERE THE ROOTS LEAD and commented:
    How lovely. I wish I could have seen this.

  11. Thank you as always for such delightful images and thoughts!

    1. And I appreciate your staying tuned!

  12. Beautiful photography……!

  13. Some beauitful pieces of photography……!

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