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Pipe DreamsPipe Dreams is fueled and ready.  All necessities are stowed away, so let’s get this adventure underway.

Swan's Island
Swan’s Island

First stop on the journey to Nova Scotia is a 2 hour jaunt to Swan’s Island, one of the 15 or so Maine islands that is inhabited year round.  

Swan's IslandAs you might guess from the lobster boats anchored in the harbor, most residents earn a living fishing, and they are protective of their space both on the water and the shore.  Swan's IslandThe island is also a great escape for those wishing to experience a more tranquil existence.

Swan's IslandThe reason for our going there is to attend the very quirky Sweet Chariot Music Festival that for 26 years has brought together a potpourri of musicians from the East and West Coasts who enjoy getting together to casually entertain an enthusiastic audience.

Swan's IslandHours before the show, the performers cruise the harbor serenading all of us on our boats with sea chanteys.

Swan's IslandA flotilla of small craft ranging from kayaks to dinghies to motor boats accompany them.  I have to say this is one of those events that is totally a Maine thing, and there is such absolute joy in that!

Swan's IslandThe performance is in a very old building slightly more than a mile trek from the harbor, so we get a little exercise thrown in.

Swan's IslandAlong the way, enterprising youngsters sell lemonade and cookies, and they have lots of eager customers who are huffing and puffing up the hill.

Swan's IslandThe concert appears to be something of an opportunity for socializing as the crowd gathers early to gossip and greet friends.

Swan's IslandSwan's IslandSwan's IslandSwan's IslandInside, it is crowded, and the chairs are hard, I mean really hard, but once the show begins all anyone focuses on is having a good time.

There’s more to the Swan’s Island story than I am telling.  That has a lot to do with me trying to pull in a mooring ball that had about 500 pounds of kelp on it without allowing the line to touch the varnish on the trim.  The hubby just didn’t get that that was an impossible feat, so use your imagination to fill in the blanks.  It may be a very good thing that nobody was photoing that part of the experience because it was a comedy of errors.  There’s likely more to come!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

21 thoughts on “Underway!

  1. This TRULY is the way summers were meant to be spent! it’s like something out of a National Geographic or Reader’s Digest….or life with the Kennedy clan!!! 🙂 It’s wonderful! These are the kinds of experiences that most of us can only dream of!

    I think it’s so neat that the children set up their stands and make a little money. That’s a good experience for them!!

    Party on! There’s still a lot of life left in summer’s lungs!!!

  2. Serenading sailors, what fun Linda! I so want to visit Maine, especially after you share photos, so picturesque and I can feel myself relaxing with the slower pace and tranquil scenery. Looking forward to your boating adventure 🙂

  3. How much fun! I would feel like a fish out of water for sure~it is fascinating to see how different your coastal life style is in Maine compared to the Gulf coast, from everything to the boats to the way the fishermen look, to the music and festivities~ I am looking forward to exploring the waters with you on your trip, I love the singing sailors!

  4. Oh Lulu you make me so homesick! Maine the way life should be and this is exactly it. Love your photograph of Swan’s Island – perfect. But the natural scenes as we go to the concert with you are the best.

  5. How lovely! The pictures and the stories…makes me feel like I’m there. Keep writing! (We can experience it vicariously through you.)
    I must admit that you started my heart by using the words “underway.” My daughter is in the Coast Guard and those are the words they use to describe when they go out on a mission. I thought you might be a Coast Guard mom too! hee hee….enjoy.

  6. What a fun adventure and experience. I would not make a great mooring companion…at all. I think I’d get thrown overboard!

  7. Oh Lulu, these pictures are just so scenic. Any of them could be on a postcard. This looks like so much fun. I’ve had situations with my husband just like that. A photo might be ok, as long as there is no sound on it! laurie

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