Bountiful Color

flowers/tablescapeWith these colors already on the table, how could I not play off them and create a setting as bright and happy?

tablescapeAs I puzzled about what dishes to select, I opened a cabinet to get something else and two sets of plates jumped right out.  At different times both were gotten at my favorite place TJ Maxx.

tablescapeAll are different in color and design and reflect an Italian theme which made it easy to decide what kind of food would be on the table.

tablescapeFrom here the going was easy.  Lime green placemats repeat color in the runner and the dishes,

tablescapeand an assortment of colorful napkins tucked into napkin rings added to the liveliness.  Can you guess how seating is determined?  Guys will be at the places with olive rimmed plates and black napkin rings while gals will have square plates and clusters of grapes.  All can choose their own place so long as it’s not next to a spouse!

tablescapeI love the way this table came together, almost by itself.  It took minimal effort, it is cheerful and fun, it mixes color and pattern all of which is my favorite kind of table.

food/pasta sauceNow that the table is done, I’m thinking a hearty sauce with lots of Italian sausage served over homemade pasta will be perfect.  Care to join us?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


Tablescape Thursday

18 thoughts on “Bountiful Color

  1. Bright, happy, bountiful, beautiful!!! You’ve just provided me with a great idea for tonight’s dinner, too. I have some wonderful tomatoes from a neighbor’s garden, and I think this will serve up nicely! Thanks!!!

  2. Love this eclectic look…those square plates are great!

  3. Well since I live in the same town, just need an invitation my friend. smile.

  4. Thank you, but wait up… I’ll be there for dinner… Looks spectacular…

  5. Pretty tablescape. I remember the days when making a pretty table made the meal something special.

    1. I think any meal is better when the food looks appetizing on the plate and the table has a flower or something on it. It doesn’t take but a minute.

  6. Can you hear me knocking at the door? Pretty setting!

  7. Love all the colors combined together. Sauce looks amazing!

  8. so where am I sitting

      1. okay – by the window

  9. Beautiful and so inviting!! Love the plates also. Italian sausage and pasta is a favorite of ours!!

  10. I would be honored to sit at your lovely table, Linda. The dishes and linens are fabulous.
    Have a wonderful week.

  11. What a lovely, thoughtful, colorfilled table setting! Your warmth and loving self shines through! I’ll be over in a jiffy! ♥

  12. Beautiful table settings! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  13. Yes! I will be right over! I always love your colorful tables Lulu and the fearless way you put things together~the plates are fabulous!

  14. I so love this table and it’s beautiful colors .. I so love your “easy” style . . and you chose the perfect meal to go along with this terrific tablescape!…What time is dinner?…

  15. What a fun way to determine the seating arrangement! This table feels very “Italian” . I’d love to join you for dinner, the sauce looks fantastic!

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