Simple Pleasures

dinghySo, some of you have asked, how do we get on an island?  Since we have to anchor 50 feet or more from it, we get as close as possible to shore in a dinghy.  Then we hop out into chilly water and pull the dinghy far enough up on the rocks so that it won’t be carried out by the tide, which would leave us in a real mess.

MusselsWhat do we do once we are there?  It depends on where we are.  Sometimes we are on an island that we discover is mussel heaven.  

musselsWe gather as many mussels as we can possibly carry, take them back to the boat where we sometimes steam and eat them fresh out of the water.  Talk about good!

island rocksNo matter where we are we look for rocks.  Every island has them and you wouldn’t believe how different they are.

island rocksisland rocksisland rocksisland rocks Sometimes we make a learning game out of the different shapes.  Just look.  Here we have a rectangle, a parallelogram, a circle and a triangle.  The kids have such fun finding their own shapes and challenging me to name them.

heart rocksNo matter where we are we look for heart rocks.  My daughter has the best eye for them and calls them love notes from God.  And just like our own hearts, they come in all shapes and sizes, some flawed, some perfect.

One thing I’ve learned by being in Maine, taking in what it has to offer, is that simple things give so much pleasure.  Wherever you are, I hope you experience the same.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

14 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I loved visiting here. (I thought I was already following you…)
    We collect “heart rocks” wherever we go too! Thanks so much for sharing
    this beautiful post. It made my heart smile. ~Marie :0)

  2. I LOVE this!!!!! What a terrific education for your grandchildren! These are memories they will carry with them for life!!!

  3. Beautiful place….our grand children love finding unusually shaped rocks….they would be very envious of the heart rocks:)

  4. Island hopping sounds like fun! The mussels have me wishing I were there to share…yummmy. Our family saves all the heart shaped rocks for Grace’s rock garden…my niece’s little Grace was born/died of hypoplastic left heart syndrome so heart shaped rocks are special to us.
    Have a wonderful week, Linda.

  5. Love the heart rocks too and the spiritual comparison.
    Nature continually reminds me of our Creator and HIs Majesty.

  6. Love island exploring. So fun!! Haven’t found any great rocks like you have though!!

  7. An awesome education!

  8. It all sounds wonderful. You are so lucky to be near the ocean!

    Jane xx

  9. Lovely Lovely Lovely. So happy I’m here in Maine.

  10. Love those love notes from God!

  11. Your simple things brought so much pleasure to us. Thanks 🙂

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