Island Hopping

We may never get around to exploring all 3500 islands off the coast of Maine, but  every time out on the boat there’s the possibility of seeing a new one.   For sure, there will be some feature that makes it different from any other island.

islandSome islands are little more than rock formations likely created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago.  If there is surface where a tree can root, it’s not surprising to see a few.


Isle au Haute

 There are lovely tree covered islands with paths leading through the woods to who knows where which makes exploring a real adventure.  

Roque Island

Roque Island

Occasionally there is an island with an expanse of white sand beach,


Butter Island

but most have rocky shores that can be craggy



or worn smooth and covered with lichen.  Since access to most islands is by dinghy, you can guess which shoreline is preferable!

islandSpeaking of rocks, in summer it is wonderful to find an island with sun warmed stones that are perfect for relaxing or maybe napping.

Calderwood Island

Calderwood Island

Some islands are preserves and if you time the visit just right, you may find them lush with blueberries and raspberries.  Your may also find that you share the island with wild sheep or deer who compete with you for the berries

islandor there may be items on the shore indicating you are sharing the island with other people.

Matinicus Rock

Matinicus Rock

Far out to sea are a few scattered islands that are nesting places for puffins in the spring.  Catching sight of these perky little birds is quite exciting.

St. Helena

St. Helena

Here and there are surprises like the remains of a quarry

Sep Cruise_080907_1541

Squirrel Island

or fairy houses left behind.

islandNo matter the shape or size  or topography of an island, its rugged beauty always has distinguishing features.  Some are so inaccessible it is possible to think no human foot has ever touched there.  No matter how many islands I visit or see from afar, each holds a special mystery waiting to be discovered.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


20 thoughts on “Island Hopping

  1. Ay yi yi!!! SO beautiful!!! That must be really cool to lay down on those warm rocks like that. You’d pay big bucks at the spa for basically the same thing! 🙂

    I love it that you have such an adventurous spirit! I’m a silly ol’ homebody, but I like it that I can live vicariously through your heightened sense of adventure and fun!

  2. The puffins made my day, Lulu. 🙂
    When I was a little girl, we were on vacation and saw a tiny island similar to your first picture. It captured my imagination: how I would live there, the different things I would see from each side.
    I agree with that there’s something wonderful about napping on a sun-heated bed of small stones. Muscles and tendons relax, and the whole body responds.

  3. What beautiful surroundings you have! I’ve never seen those birds before – or heard of them, either. I enjoyed my outing with you today! 🙂

  4. I am planning a trip to Maine in late September. I would have loved seeing the puffins but they will be long gone by the time we get there. St. Helena looks like such an interesting place. I enjoyed your island hop.

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