Summer Time, Summer Time

MaineSummer in Maine is a short season officially beginning July 4 and lasting through Labor Day when already there are hints of fall in the air.  During those two months not every day is perfect, but when I wake in the morning and see a perfect Maine day outside the window, my thoughts turn to boating.

Pipe DreamsFor many years we were sailboat people, but with so many  places to explore off Maine’s coast, we have turned to a power boat which allows us to get to more places a little faster.  Ours is a Maine made boat the style of which is influenced by lobster boats and designed for comfortable cruising.

lobster buoyThere are some 3500 islands off the coast of Maine, many of which are less than an hour from us.  As we cruise  along, the water is decorated by brightly colored lobster buoys identifying individual lobstermen and woe unto anyone who bothers  traps not belonging to them!

lobster boatI never fail to be fascinated by lobster boats out to bait or check traps and generally followed by gulls hoping to snag a tasty morsel.

osprey/maineAs we cruise along, it’s not unusual this time a year to spy an osprey nest sitting atop a marker and by now white heads peek above the nest.  It is said that this particular nest has been in place for 150 years and osprey return to it each year.  I can’t help but wonder who is tracking that and if the returning osprey are descendants of the ones who built the original nest.  Somehow I don’t think there is an answer!


In addition to gulls and osprey, it is not unusual to spy cormorants sunning themselves on rocks peeking above the  water’s surface at low tide.

flag/maineApproaching one of my favorite spots, a solitary flag flies on a lichen covered rock, and I never fail to acknowledge my appreciation for the person who keeps that flag in place.

lighthouse/maineAnother favorite sighting are the lighthouses, most of which are no longer in service but characterize the coast of Maine.  No matter how many times I’ve seen the same one I can never resist taking yet another photo.  Just as I was snapping this one, a spray of water kicked up alongside the boat resulting in this magical picture.

Perry CreekSummer cruising on water smooth as glass and beneath a sky so blue as to seem almost artificial is a special delight with much to see along the way.     Yes, summer time in Maine is special, and I don’t want to miss any of it.

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17 thoughts on “Summer Time, Summer Time

  1. I miss Maine and your beautiful photographs make me very homesick.

  2. Our boat was sold before it ever made it into the water this summer so I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Remembering good times with friends. 🙂

  3. I love your boat! It does look very comfortable. That lighthouse picture really is something, no doubt. I never realized how short the summers are in Maine. Enjoy your time! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the boat ride Lulu, your boat is gorgeous~I love the photo of the red sail reflected in the water and the “magical” light house one

  5. Great photos, Linda…love the one with the osprey. The nest looks immense.
    I didn’t get back to New England this summer, so may go for fall foliage.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Beautiful photos Lulu, and I love your boat. It looks like a very comfortable way to cruise around the islands!

  7. How can one not help but feel so calm and serene when out on the boat off the coast of Maine…such beauty everywhere….from the coastline to the wildlife on the islands…I had no idea that there were 3500 islands off the coast of Maine!…How wonderful that you are able to experience and enjoy this very special place on Earth!

  8. Beautiful photos, every single one of them. Especially the birds and the boat. 🙂

  9. Beautiful! I’ve never been to Maine but would love to go someday! I am surprised the summers are so short.

  10. I envy your summers in Maine. We’ve only visited a few times, but my dream would be to have a home on the coast of Maine. I’ll savor your generous posts about this lovely spot and reminisce about our times there. Your photos are stunning. Makes me think I’m on the water. ‘-)

  11. Beautiful views. Love the osprey!

  12. What a wonderful, wonderful way to spend the summer months! This is absolutely idyllic! I’ve never been to Maine, so this is just about as close as I get to “feeling” that freedom that comes with this kind of nature. This is my first time seeing an osprey or cormorants. That’s cool. And that photo you got of the lighthouse with the water spray…REALLY cool!!! That was especially nice to see the American flag flying out there. The images you have captured are all very “Americana” in nature, but the flag, of course, is the real deal.

    I hope to someday visit this beautiful part of the country. I’m sure I would be fascinated beyond my wildest dreams! The Midwest has its own brand of beautiful, but I love to see other parts of the country and things that we don’t have here. Maine is definitely a “bucket list” destination!

    Enjoy these last days of summer! If you want it to last a little longer, I’ll GLADLY send you a chunk of the summer weather that continues through September here!!! 🙂

  13. Beautiful! I love the first photo in particular. Maine has a magic all of its own. 🙂

  14. I too love boating and exploring every day that we are able to get out there. It’s been such a strange weather pattern this summer so there are days we are boating and swimming and days we are bundled in winter jackets just to get a ride in!!

  15. How very lovely. The lighthouse photo has become an Impressionist Painting with the spray! We shall be coming to Maine in the Fall……..cannot wait! Just a bit pea green with envy here!

  16. Anyday near the beach is beautiful! I couldn’t live where I couldn’t see the beach every day! Love the flag! God bless the person who insures it flies!

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