Winslow Homer in Maine

Winslow HomerSince the 1800’s, the magnetism of Maine’s natural beauty has drawn many an American artist.

Winslow HomerAmong the best known and most popular is Winslow Homer whose home and studio on Prouts Neck in Scarborough, Maine is now open to the public as part of the offerings of the Portland Museum of Art.  From 1883 until his death in 1910, Homer spent much of his time here painting many of his best known works.   Until 2006, the property remained in the hands of his heirs who, becoming concerned that it would be lost to future generations, sold it to the museum.

Winslow HomerThe studio is meticulously renovated, however, little of the original furnishings is there. 

Winslow HomerSome of what is left struck me as reflecting both Homer’s sense of whimsy and his personal taste.

Winslow HomerThe second floor porch looks out upon a broad expanse of sea.  I could imagine Homer standing there smelling the salty air,

Winslow Homer watching waves crashing against craggy rocks

Winslow Homerand observing places where worn gray was broken by clusters of color.

Winslow HomerHow could these images not be among the very ones interpreted on canvas?

Winslow HomerIn the distance, a small craft cavorted among the waves

Winslow Homerreminding me of Homer’s paintings reflecting the struggle of man against nature. How different today’s scene is from one that inspired this painting.

Yes, Maine has influenced the work of painters from Homer to Hopper to Bellows to Indiana to Katz to Estes and I wonder how different their work would have been without their having experienced the magic of place.

Note: The images of the two paintings are borrowed from Wikipedia

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11 thoughts on “Winslow Homer in Maine

  1. What a lovey place to visit. I’ve only been to Maine once and would love to return. Thanks for taking us along today.

  2. Lulu, Maine does look like a gorgeous place! I hope to vacation there some day. It’s on my list of ‘places I want to go’. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. I visited a friend in Maine a couple of years ago and very much agree it is an inspiring place for artists. I could sit and paint for hours…

  4. Those are outstanding, beautiful pics. And to see the same land/sea-scape represented in the Homer painting is awesome. I’m a Winslow Homer fan. I love the Maine paintings I’ve seen and am even more taken with his work in the Floriday keys and Caribbean

  5. Maine is certainly a great place for inspiration of all creative aspects such as art and writing…who could not be inspired by the beauty of Maine. Thanks for presenting some of his magnificent art and where he created them…love how you compared his work to real scenes of life in the area…

    1. Evidently a lot of people would agree with you.

  6. I really enjoy reading this post. Thank you for letting us view the waves and rocks and then referring to Homer’s great paintings. Clever!

  7. Lulu,

    Next time you are in Portland and can do so, give us a ring. We would love to take you two to dinner.

    We can be reached at 207-805-1089.

    It would be good to see you again!

    Jim and Delene

  8. Thanks for the wonderful article–I went to college in Maine, and I long to get back there whenever I can, which is far too infrequent.

    1. Really, where? Next time you come back you’ll have to visit Cellar Door Winery which is making some pretty good wines of the non fruity variety!

      1. I went to Bowdoin, more than a few moons ago. Will have to check out Cellar Door! Thanks for the tip!

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