Little Changes

When it comes to seasonal changes in the house, mine are minimal.  Maybe a few things get rearranged, but there are few, if any, new additions to the decor.  There is one exception….slipcovers.

Maine houseMaine winters are hard.  During those short, cold days, color can do a lot to make rooms feel warmer and cozier.

Maine houseIn our living room, hues of teal, red and gold combined in several patterns do just that.

flowersflowersflowersflowersEven the flowers and accessories are meant to lend warmth.

Maine houseCome summer, however, what we want is to lighten things up, so a new set of slipcovers  replaces the winter ones.

Maine houseEven though the slips are a neutral green, I can’t resist adding mixed patterns in complementary colors.

Maine houseAnd, if you look closely, you will notice that some things are moved around.  That’s my primary way of redecorating!

flowersBest of all, during the summer, beautiful blooms from my garden replace flowers from the grocery!  That I can’t get enough of.

Well, there you have it, very simple changes that give a room a whole new feeling.  The best thing about slipcovers is they can be washed, an added bonus after kids are here.

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30 thoughts on “Little Changes

  1. I love the fun you must have with changing the look of your room during the year. I’ve always wanted to make slipcovers but still remain a chicken about it. Oh, but, how I would love the look! I love both your summer and winter coverings! 🙂

  2. Lulu,
    Little changes have a dramatic impact in your room, dear one!
    I love color. . .but I’m quite smitten with your slipcovers!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Visiting from Marty’s @ A Stroll Thru Life!!!

  3. Either way looks so inviting, but it is amazing how much the change in slipcovers changes the look of the room. Oh, and I love those sweet figures on your end table in the Winter picture. laurie

    1. Thanks, Laurie. As for the little ladies, they are one of my favorite finds.

  4. love the light slipcovers and all the cushy patterned pillows, great summer look!

  5. I like how you make the seasonal changes. Beautiful decorating.

  6. Beautiful and I like how you change the room with the seasons – both symbolizes a cozy place to relax.

  7. It is so cozy and inviting!

  8. Thanks for insight and visit into your lovely loungeroom in Maine Linda.. pure delight! x I also have/am a fan of slipcovers.. mine are white for summer, .. with blue (and white accessories) and winter’s they are yellow base with red/blue/green stripped.. ) red accessories.. love peonies – you’re fortunate to grow them.. next visit.. please put the kettle on.. I’d love a cuppa on your couch.. think I’ll choose winter one please.. x hugs j

    1. Boy, nothing would please me more than to have you join me in any season.

  9. What a gorgeous comfy looking room! I love to curl up there on a cold winter’s day.

    1. To curl up in front of the fireplace with a book is why I come here for some time in the winter.

  10. It looks lovely to me. My wife does very similar. I leave the house for awhile, and poof, a whole new look. I find it refreshing.

    1. Refreshing….I like that and I’m sure your wife appreciates your noticing her changes.

      1. She does and actually we are a pretty good team. Lol. Almost 43 years.

  11. Love the 2 looks!…Christine

  12. Beautiful, so envious of those peonies right out your back door!

  13. This is such a beautiful room, Lulu! I think it’s neat that you can make such a big impact with the slipcovers. I’m a lot like this with our master bedroom, new quilt and curtains (or shopped from the house) and I have a whole new room!

    Jane xx

  14. Love the slipcovers and isn’t it fun to make things light and bright…
    Enjoy changing.

    1. What you need to do is come on up and get things really looking good.

  15. A beautiful change. Thank you for sharing!

  16. Love the slips and great to have several sets to change seasons. Your room is lovely and your peonies are exquisite. Dreamy!

    1. This is my first experience with slip covers, and I do like how easy they make it to change things around.

  17. What a wonderful space!

  18. Love the winter slipcovers!!!! The room is beautiful.

  19. Beautiful, Linda, in all seasons.

    1. I bet you recognize a few things!

  20. Love your room and those fabulous slipcovers!….and those flowers from your garden are so gorgeous…you must be so happy being able to work in your garden with those breathtaking views!

    1. Peonies are about gone so I’ve cut as many as possible. Wish they lasted longer.

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