Yes, we will be having the red, white and blue but no hotdogs, hamburgers or apple pie.

lobsterNope, we are having lobster on the 4th of July.  When in Maine…….

July 4 tableWe won’t be outdone though when it comes to having the right colors.   We’ve got the stars and stripes covered

lobster placemat/July 4 tableand even the cute paper placemats cooperate by having red, white and blue.  This goes to prove that stars and stripes are totally compatible with my favorite crustacean!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo, how do we tie all these things together?   Just take a look.

July 4 tableJuly 4 tableJuly 4 tableNow, for the rest of the table.  A collection of blue and white dishes purchased last summer at Goodwill are added to the mix

July 4 tableand for beverages, these glasses.  The goblets are actually for water I think, but, hey, they are blue so tonight they will act as wine glasses and cute little Mason jars that are for the kids’ special drinks will be for water.  The two are definitely a study in opposites!

July 4 tableNapkins embroidered with a little lobster remind of the nontraditional theme going here, and the fold is simply a corner turned on the diagonal.

July 4 tableWell, there you have it, and now I must get to the kitchen to experiment with the lobster dish I have in mind.  If it turns out, you will hear about it so do come back.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

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34 thoughts on “Not Your Traditional 4th

  1. I would definitely prefer the lobster to hot dogs!! Nicely done. Love the blue goblets!

    Lory at

  2. Give me lobster any day! Their red was just made for the 4th of July! I love your napkins too. What a fabulous find those were. The table looks wonderful and I am going to be jealous of your dinner!
    Yes, the fabric was from Wal Mart and I didn’t write the price because I couldn’t remember exactly but it was like $2.99 or $3.99 a yard! What a steal! They had some other printed burlaps too. I may have to go back and snag some more. I even got a comment from the kids, which is saying something!

  3. Well, I can’t imagine folks in your neck of the woods celebrating the 3th with anything BUT lobster and other taste treats from the ocean! You’ve got it right there in plentiful amounts, and it’s quintessential to the region. Those placemats are just the cutest, cutest, cutest!!! I like how the lemon motif is under the lobster. It not only adds color and speaks to the popular way to serve fresh lobster, but it really plays with your brain, too! Like slot machines! 🙂

    I hope your lobster creation draws rave reviews and that you enjoy your whole holiday weekend! Have a lobster claw for me, please! You know us Midwesterners…we’ll be piling on the ribs!

  4. Oh my goodness that’s what we do here in Texas! How funny, people look at us like we are nuts – Lobster on the 4th of July? Well that’s how we celebrated in Maine. Hope it was wonderful – Happy 4th Lulu!

  5. Lobster for the Fourth of July? Of course! Why not? Lobster is always wonderful, and what entree could you pick that is already RED? Looks lovely and yummy. Interesting, I noticed your blue glasses, I have the same glasses in red and I can’t remember when and where I bought them. I have used them for more Christmases and Valentine’s Days than I can remember!

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