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First Things First

When we first get to our Maine house, we take a quick look around to make sure all is as it should be.  For the most part, everything is OK but for one place, the back porch.

Maine house porchThe porch is bare but for the iron bench that is too heavy to carry down the stairs to the basement when we store everything for the winter.  It can’t stay that way long because the porch is where we spend so much time.

Rockport HarborFor starters, the porch gives a grand view to Rockport Harbor which we love even on a foggy day.

Rockport HarborIt is where we sit to have coffee and enjoy beautiful morning light

Rockport Harboror to take in the drama of an evening sunset.  

lobster boats, Rockport HarborThe porch is where we observe the comings and goings of lobster boats.  In short, first things first so lets get the porch furniture out of the basement,  up the stairs and on the porch.  Extra hands are appreciated!

Maine house porchFirst come the rockers where the hubby and I sit for all of the aforementioned  or to play an afternoon game of gin.

Maine house porchThe furniture is heavy, so we don’t bring it all up at once, but before the first round of guests, we will get one end of the porch organized for socializing.  This year cute indoor/outdoor pillows from TJ Maxx add some color

Maine house porchas do pots of brightly colored flowers.  Putting these together is a lot more fun to me than hauling heavy furniture!

Maine house porchBirdhouses and heart rocks, some of my favorite things, sit on a table in the corner.  The heart rocks are a story unto themselves, and one day it is one I’ll have to share.

Maine house porchThis cute little planter that I found at the nursery will tie right in with the birdhouses and maybe even attract a tweety bird to its branches.

Maine house porchAll done, it’s time to sit and rock, admire our handiwork and indulge in an afternoon treat.  It would be a pleasure to have you join us.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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43 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Lulu, now this is what I call living! I could sit on that porch and take in the few for hours. Hubby and I are game playing people too. He would be in seventh heaven watching ships! Now your porch looks so homey and welcoming!

  2. Your photos are just amazing and the one of the red sailboat will be my new summer screensaver..enjoy your wonderful views .

  3. A wonderful adventure, Lulu, following your pictures as you transform the bare porch with rocking chairs, flowers, and happy feelings welcoming delightful views and relaxed conversations.

  4. Maine the way life should be . . . welcome home! I just love your summertime photographs ~ the porch is absolutely perfect as you settle down to enjoy the harbor views.

  5. Oh my gosh…I knew you had a great view, but I must say your views are simply sensational !!!…I love Maine…I just cannot imagine how peaceful it must be to sit out there each morning and greet the day and count your blessings for waking up and being able to enjoy the view at any time of day for that matter….love the porch and those cute pillows!

  6. What an amazing view you have…I would never leave the porch! Our family collects heart shaped rocks for my niece’s heart garden to honor the loss of her her baby girl that was born and died of a very rare heart condition.
    Have a wonderful week, Linda.

  7. I would live on your porch all summer! What stunning photos and views! Your chair planter is beyond adorable~and I love your bright pillows and flowers with your wonderful white furniture. We have to bring our porch furniture inside during hurricane months of Aug/Sept and it is a pain!

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