A Passion for Decorating

Suzy's houseMy friend Suzy has moved more times than most people since I’ve known her.  Each house is different in style but shares the same characteristics: warm, cozy, friendly.  What’s more, whenever you go to her house it never looks the same.  As she says, she redecorates when it rains, which can be often, putting the same things in new places or changing accessories with the season.

Suzy's Let’s take a look, and you are sure to agree this gal has the knack.

Suzy's houseHer style can be described by the books here, there and everywhere.

Suzy's houseand it is easy to see that she does have a passion for decorating.

Suzy's houseHer accessories, like the doors behind this sofa, are wonderful.  Take a closer look at the throw pillows and you will see the twill pattern is done with brass brads.

Suzy's houseSuzy's houseSuzy's houseSuzy's houseThroughout the house are beautifully arranged vignettes, each one giving insight to Suzy and what she loves.

Suzy's house

There is so much to like in this home that it’s hard to pick a favorite space.  No doubt this room would be any little girl’s choice.

Suzy's houseHey, I was drawn to the happys here, too, and could easily imagine a child’s delight.

Suzy's houseIn the kitchen, I love the contrast of texture in this metal basket filled with straw containers.  

Suzy's house

Across the room, this settee with its contrasting fabrics adds a touch of whimsy,

Suzy's houseand the table is inviting me to sit for a spot of tea.

Suzy's houseTucked away so that I almost missed it is my favorite space.  Can’t you imagine curling up here perusing magazines for new decorating ideas or recipes and maybe catching a little nap?

Suzy's houseEverything in this home has a story.  It may be a favorite piece from childhood or a pillow just found at a flea market or a special find at an antique show.  Not all of us would know what to do with our treasures, but for Suzy, no problem.

I’m just glad my friends have gotten used to me wanting to snap photos of their home or table and allowing me to share their special talents with you.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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8 thoughts on “A Passion for Decorating

  1. My goodness. How often are you decorating around there? Always something new and spectacular.

  2. What fun, I love a good home tour! I love her comment of redecorating when it rains!

  3. What beauty… Love it all..l what a great idea for small boxes… I have a few and do not have them displayed…

  4. You are so right, Suzy has the “knack”….beautiful home!…thanks for giving us the tour so we can gather lots of inspiration!

  5. Suzy’s home is very cozy, thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  6. Very welcoming and warm and cosy. Thanks for sharing.

  7. She does have the knack. Very lovely!!😀

  8. Good Lord. Makes my apartment seem a Neanderthal’s cave.

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