We eat at home more often than not, and some nights require easy fixins.  Those are the times when pizza can be a star.

Easy means starting with a bought crust and looking in the refrigerator to see what’s there for toppings.  This is what I call a creative opportunity and a great way to use little bits of things!

pizzaThis night there were plenty of fresh tomatoes, corn, pesto and some parmesan cheese in the fridge.  Those ingredients provide a great start.

pizzaI brushed the crust with pesto and layered the tomatoes and corn, scraped from the cob, with a sprinkling of fresh basil.  A generous amount of grated parmesan tops off the pizza which is baked in a 375 oven until the cheese has melted, about 12-15 minutes.  If you’d like a crispier crust, bake it a few minutes in advance of adding the toppings.

pizzaNothing could be simpler and with a green salad, the pizza is a meal that makes everyone happy….at least at our house!

I’m betting you have ideas for your favorite pizzas.  Won’t you share?

i so appreciate your friendly visits and the comments you leave behind


Foodie Friday

16 thoughts on “Easy Fixins

  1. Hmmmm, I wish I had that for dinner this evening! I love using simple ingredients for a tasty dish and yes, have it be easy.

    Thanks for stopping by! I tried to respond, however, you are a “no reply blogger”. Not sure if you were aware or not. I look forward to getting to know you and will be following along.


  2. We love pizza…this looks and sounds delicious, Linda. My favorite at the moment is pear, caramelized onions, Gorgonzola, pine nuts and pesto.
    Have a great weekend.

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