Muslin, An Inspiration?

Why do I have 50 yards of gauzy muslin?  I can’t remember why I bought it, but there must have been a reason.

first tablescapeSome has been used as a runner for  the table.  Some has been been used for  birthday parties and at Christmas. Still there’re yards on the bolt, so it’s time to get creative.

Houston houseThis daughter’s room, now mostly unused, seems a good place to start. I cut lengths of the muslin to drape on the bed frame.

Houston houseThe bed, I think, was a first step to what would become her own country French style.  She and her dad made it when she was a senior in high school.  I thought it would one day go to her home, but that has not yet happened.  When she looks at the bed now, she sees it as not quite what she wanted.  Oh well, it was a beginner’s effort, and I’ve never had the urge to change it out because it represents a task shared by father and daughter.

Houston houseWith the muslin in place, I was inspired to bring out my grandmother’s quilts which have long been in the closet.   The colors in this one are perfect against the backdrop of red walls.  Even the bears,  leftovers from the daughter’s younger days, are right at home on the bed.

Houston houseWith the theme that is evolving, this becomes the room in which to put a cabinet that was at my mothers but has not had the right space here.  Made by one of my father’s relatives, it is well over 100 years old and for me is a memory since childhood.   It is one of our few family heirlooms, and I hope it will survive the years.

Houston house  My great grandmother used the cabinet for linen storage, so it seemed appropriate for it to serve a similar purpose.  Out of plastic bags came more quilts to line the shelves.  They are such treasures, and I love having them  where I can see them and be reminded of the women who made them. 

Houston house In another time, they would have been much used, but because of their age, I hesitate to do more than display them.

Houston houseStill another quilt lays atop cabinets and is the background for a couple of birdhouses that are too tall for the space where others are displayed.

So there you have it, a simple do over project that becomes a display for much loved pieces that create a very warm and friendly room and trigger a multitude of memories. 

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

Bed linens: Soft Surroundings

Wall colors:  Independence Red and Fresco Gray from Benjamin Moore


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10 thoughts on “Muslin, An Inspiration?

  1. I’m glad that you’re holding onto that bed, Linda. One day your daughter is going to want it despite it not being quite the style that is hers right now. The nostalgia attached to it is undeniable, and I’m sure that it brings a smile to your face when you think back on the effort put into it by Dad and daughter. Same goes for that wonderful chest that looks mighty doggone good for 100+. (I hope people say that about me someday! 😉 ) Storing those beautiful quilts in it makes it seem even more the treasure. I wish I’d known 40 years ago what I know now. I’d have spirited away every single quilt in my Grandmother’s and great-Grandmother’s homes in a heartbeat! I only have one.

    I hope one day you’re able to remember why you bought all that muslin! 🙂

  2. How wonderful that you have such beautiful pieces of great memories in the room….I love that bed and how you beautifully draped the muslin…the quilts are gorgeous…and most of all, I love the fact that the bed was made by your daughter and hubby….that is so very special…

  3. nutsfortreasure May 14, 2014 — 6:51 am

    Very pretty post. Are you in Maine yet? safe travels when you head northeast.

    1. Not yet. We begin the trek back next week.

      1. nutsfortreasure May 14, 2014 — 10:26 am

        It is gorgeous up here. 🙂 Enjoy your trip.

  4. Your quilts are indeed lovely and your cabinet is a treasure. Love how you used your muslin. Perfect in this room.

  5. I just love this post and all the memories that came mind as I read it and saw your images.

  6. A room full of memories and special pieces that you can now enjoy! I love the draped muslin~

  7. What a cute room…love all the quilts.

  8. I’m so inspired by this beautiful post!

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