Mother's Day  cardsI  woke this morning to silence.  

No small voices filled the house.  

No young ones jumped on the bed shouting Happy Mothers Day.  

No one brought  breakfast in bed.

There were no sweet handmade cards. 

All those things are memories now as children have become adults.  They have children of their own who do the things kids do for their moms.

Linsey and HollyWhat I have are memories and gratitude for the gifts that are my daughters.

I wish you all a happy day filled with memories of children you love.

16 thoughts on “Memories and Wishes

  1. You’ve passed it forward, Linda. Two wonderfully unique families result from your great mothering. Not to mention all the lives you’ve touched (and continue to) with temporary mothering of exchange students and others to whom you open your home and arms. Enjoy a job well done! Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. What a very special MOTHER you are, Linda. Your girls are thinking loving thoughts of a Mother who is always there for them.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day!!! I recognize a few of those cards! So glad you still have them. This is funny: I’m wearing that very shirt today. It’s all covered in dirt from the 15 knock out roses I planted today. xoxo

  4. Hi Linda, I loved your Mother’s Day blog….so many older moms can relate. I’m lucky to be enjoying a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with two of my girls in Atlanta. Meg has business here next week, so flew in early to celebrate Mother’s Day with me…as well as Drew’s 3rd Birthday.

    Today, while the guys watched the grand ones, we two (generations of mothers) bonded with retail therapy.

    Hope you are enjoying a Happy Mother’s Day……hearing from your girls, if you cannot be with them.

    Love, Cathy

    PS. Do you know yet when you are headed to Maine? Are you flying or doing another road trip?


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