Foodie Adventure 3: Other Things

Can you tell this is an organic pig?
Can you tell this is an organic pig?

Yes, Foodie Adventures are about cooking and eating, but there’re other things, too.  In Catalonia, it was a visit to an organic pig farm

dairy farmand a dairy farm where cows produce enough milk for more than a million cartons of yogurt to be  produced each week.

cheeseA visit to a cheese maker required being covered  with plastic garb so as not to contaminate the production area. 

cheeseSeeing how some cheeses look during the ripening process makes you wonder how they can taste so good when finished.

chocolateYou can bet this chocolate factory was a favorite stop.  As we sampled, we were told that to get the full benefit of chocolate, it is best to let it melt in your mouth.  Do you know what a challenge that is!

chocolateHere it was  impossible to resist stocking up on tasty and beautifully packaged sweets.

wineryNo Foodie Adventure would be complete without visits to wineries where a little more is learned each time about the process of making wine.

wineryIt was fascinating to visit Freixenet, a huge and sophisticated operation that produces 90 million bottles each year.  

wineryWhile it is not always typical for wineries to export, that is not true here.  Freixenet cavas and wines are sent to more than 140 countries across the globe.  After seeing this facility, I have new appreciation for the black bottle cava I use for mimosas!

foodWhether in the U.S. or elsewhere, learning how what we eat and drink is produced and where it comes from is eye opening and has taught me not to take for granted what is on my table.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

5 thoughts on “Foodie Adventure 3: Other Things

  1. wine and chocolate and cheese and I will be fine anywhere! Thanks for taking us along~

  2. You certainly have the most incredible food adventures…how great and fun to visit the farms and manufacturing plants of the area…Yes, we cannot take our food for granted…Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  3. What delights. I love the piggy! I find piggys so charming in their own way. We love touring the food production facilities in Europe. The passion for excellence and the pride is always so evident.

  4. I’m overwhelmed with all the food. I think that I need to go eat, yet again! Thanks for taking us along. Cherry Kay

  5. We enjoyed the tour through the Biltmore winery in Antler Village in Asheville, N.C. It was about 30 minutes long. The wine tasting at the winery was extensive, too. Since you mentioned you were heading to Asheville the future I’m including this comment here. You really need to have a meal at the Sunset Terrace at the Grove Omni while in Ashville. I will be posting my photos of the evening Katie and I had there, too.
    If money isn’t a huge issue it would be wonderful to stay at the Grove. Katie was paying for our road trip and we stayed at a place that was not up to par in our estimation…

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