Foodie Adventure 3: Spain

This is the third Foodie Adventure the hubby and I have done with Chef Michael Salmon and his wife Mary Jo.  The first was in Italy, the second in France’s Loire Valley and now Catalonia in Spain.   

Foodie Adventure SpainSo, what is a Foodie Adventure?  It is partly touring points of interest in whatever the area, but mostly it is about food and sharing the experience with a group (14-18) of fun and interesting people.   And, nobody is better at orchestrating than Chef Michael and Mary Jo! 

market/Foodie Adventure SpainWe tour wonderful markets filled with fresh fruits and vegetables,

Foodie Adventure Spainseafood and meats, all ingredients that will become part of what we eat.

Foodie Adventure SpainWe visit wineries, organic farms, cheese makers and see firsthand the processes involved in making and growing.  I’ve never before been to an organic pig farm, but I can no longer say that after this adventure.  These well fed piggies are not too far away from going to the slaughterhouse to become all natural sausages.

Foodie Adventure SpainThe days are full, and they don’t end when the touring is done.  We return to an incredible place that is home for a week and head straight to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal.

Foodie Adventure SpainFoodie Adventure SpainFoodie Adventure SpainChef Michael has done some of the prep work and laid out the ingredients in our absence, and we get busy chopping, peeling, grating and stirring.

Foodie Adventure SpainFoodie Adventure SpainFoodie Adventure SpainFoodie Adventure SpainUnder Chef Michael’s watchful eye, every hand is involved in the process.

Beets in Romesco Sauce
Beets in Romesco Sauce

We may not be as good as Chef Michael at plating, but with practice we get better!

Seared Cod with White Beans, Praws & Chorizo Broth
Seared Cod with White Beans & Chorizo Broth

When all is done we have a multi course meal that is a gourmet’s delight and far more than any of us should eat, 

Bunuelos de Crema
Bunuelos de Crema

but you can bet there’s always room for dessert!

Yes, I will be sharing some fabulous recipes later so stay tuned.

i so enjoy your visit and the comments you leave behind

18 thoughts on “Foodie Adventure 3: Spain

  1. How great that you participate in such great foodie adventure as Micheal Salmon’s….such a great experience!…Everything of course looks wonderful!!

    1. You may have to try an adventure!

  2. Everything looks so appetizing…

  3. What a fantastic way to experience foods in another culture – can’t wait to see what adventures you find in Spain.

    1. I’ll try to do the adventure justice!

  4. I always like to read about your culinary adventures…Spain should be a lot of fun.

    1. I think of you as I know how much you enjoy preparing and eating tasty food. You would love this.

      1. I know I would. 🙂

  5. I am enjoying this adventure from the Texas hill country!!!! Can’t wait for the recipes!!!

    1. You would have loved last night’s fish. The cod was exceptional but not what we catch in Texas.

  6. Ooh, Catalonia! I am most likely going there to teach English this September. It is a beautiful area of Spain. Your trip sounds lovely. 🙂

    1. How interesting for you. Catalonia is beautiful as are the people.

  7. Beautiful photos Linda! Bravo!

  8. Such a wonderful adventure…touring and cooking..
    Enjoy and take good notes!!!

  9. How delightful an adventure !! We love Spain and how marvelous your culinary adventures are. The dishes looked so yummy. What fun to visit the markets and production centers of the food you are preparing. I so enjoyed this visit with you.

    1. And I suspect you’d enjoy the adventure, too, since you enjoy preparing food.

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