Behind Closed Doors

Linda_  023How many times have I walked by this house never guessing what was behind closed doors?  Today the garage door was open, and to my astonishment the garage had been converted to a delightful entertaining/recreation area.  I happened to have my iPhone and couldn’t resist knocking on the door and asking if I could take photos to share with you.    Luckily, the homeowner cordially agreed.

Linda_  024Let me start by telling you this lady has quite a talent for staging.  Every little thing is in the just right place.  I thought she might be an interior designer, but she is not.  She does enjoy interior styling, however, both in her own and  friends’ homes, using what is already there to create fresh new looks.

Linda_  025All that I saw in this delightful room had a purpose.  Wicker baskets are filled with magazines and books and hide the TV controls.

Linda_  029A wonderful old chest is a drop spot for athletic equipment.  Look closely at the flowing curtains in the background.  They are made from drop cloths and give not the faintest hint of the material’s intended purpose.

Linda_  034Rattan chairs flank a table which, if you can believe it, was actually a real tree trunk.

Linda_  037There was so much to like here.  I was crazy about the lamps which were a find at the Round Top antique show

Linda_  027as were the pillows on the chairs.  Did I say that the chairs came from a thrift shop?  Some people just have the eye!

Linda_  031Right inside the door that opens to the pool, a basket is filled with towels for those who enter dripping wet.

Linda_  036With so much to take in, it was hard to pick a favorite thing, but I finally decided it was the coffee table, actually an old galvanized watering trough turned upside down.  For the wine corks, what could be better than a dough board?

With an eye toward cost effective decorating, this lady is a real hunter/gatherer.  She combs thrift shops and antique shows looking for those special pieces that, in the right place, make everything seem new again.   Hmmm, wonder what she could do at my place?

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18 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors

  1. Brenda Botbyl-Velez September 11, 2017 — 5:39 am

    I can’t tell you how excited I am to just now see his article! This lady was my neighbor and I can’t tell you how many times I would make sure I walked my dog past her house just hoping for her “garage door” to be open so I could get a glimpse inside! It was always the highlight of my walk! One day I became brave and knocked on her door and asked her for help with my landscaping. Not only is she talented with interiors but has amazing talent with landscaping. I barely knew her but trusted her and we completely rearranged my landscaping on my newly constructed home in West University in Houston! I just loved her creativity and think she is he most talented decorator/landscape designer I have ever met. I now live in New York and miss my walks past her beautiful home!

  2. Wow! Who’d have thought??? First, it’s nice that they’re able to turn the garage into something so pretty and peaceful and fun and utilitarian all at the same time. Second, how nice that the garage isn’t needed for keeping the car safe in cold weather!!! Must be nice!!!

    Big time kudos to the lady of the house for her great sense of style and frugality. I was sitting here debating whether or not to hit our neighborhood garage sale this morning. Seeing the great bargains she turned into such wonderful looks, I guess I’m going!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. What an amazing space! That old chest that holds sports equipment and the mirror above it are my favorites. I wish I had a fraction of the talent to repurpose and decorate like that! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. What a tasteful amazing room… Out of a magazine…

  5. Wow I’m impressed. I felt like I accomplished something by pulling the weeds in my garden. i need to up my game.

  6. It really looks like it came out of a magazine with the creative touches in this space. The hanging daybed and drum coffee tables are such fine ideas. The wall of window to the garden really takes away any hint of “garage” too.I am amazed you stopped and ask, You have much more nerve than me. You have lovely images with your phone.

  7. Coolest garage ever…but can’t believe you knocked on the door and asked to take pictures! And yet that is so you. I would have died! If this is the garage, I can only imagine what the “real” house looks like!

  8. I LOVE this post Linda, how brave of you to “knock” and ask! What a fab room, it definitely looks like part of a designer showhouse, so many unusual touches, and such an eclectic mix! I must ask, is this in Houston? I noticed several references to the panhandle of Florida, Seaside and 30A are great vacation spots~they must love to visit there~must go back and pin a few things!

    1. Yes, the home is in Houston. How observant you are.

  9. Very talented lady. She either visits the Gulf Coast or owns a home there to have the book 30A and a Seaside Towel.

    Maybe she will allow you to tour the rest of the house.

    Glad you asked if you could share.

    1. I had the same thought about the house. I’m sure it’s equally attractive.

  10. It would be fun to be able to play with a space like this with great finds…

  11. What a find, she is very good – this is a neat place to kick back.

  12. What a charming home…love the way the owner has repurposed items.

  13. She sounds like she has a great eye for detail and enjoying the fun things in life.

  14. What a cute and functional space she created. I agree about the coffee table…….my Fav also.

  15. Isn’t that something, Linda? What great ideas in a garage! How cool is that? I love the swing!

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