St Paul'sFriday is not a day a protestant typically goes to church, but in the tradition of the Christian religion, Good Friday is a special day of remembering.

St. Paul'sI love going to church on this day, not only because of the message but because the windows are open letting in the sounds of the city.  Bird songs filter in as do the sounds of traffic passing and construction going on outside this midtown location.  Together all the sounds make everything seem more real.

St. Paul'sThe organ is silent, yet beautiful  choir voices fill the sanctuary, 

St. Paul'sand chandeliers are dimmed to enhance the drama of the service as well as to allow natural light to filter in.

St. Paul'sIn a moment of silence, the bells peal from on high and make my heart go quiet.

Rothko ChapelAfter the service, I had an urge to go to the Rothko Chapel.  While it is one of Houston’s must see places because of the 14 panels of dark hued Rothko paintings hanging there, it is also a peaceful environment for quiet meditation.  There one can think undisturbed and be aware of how important loving one another, peace and social justice are today.  Isn’t that what Jesus was about?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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10 thoughts on “A Really Good Friday

  1. Easter is a promise of joy and renewal
    May this one before us
    Marks a new beginning
    Of happiness, love and prosperity.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter!
    With love Maxima

  2. We are in Boulder so missed the service at St. Paul’s that I appreciate for the same reasons. Thank you for allowing me to experience it with you.

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