Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA simple monument to a monumental talent who lays simply among the people and in the place he loved.

Olson HouseUp the hill from his resting place is the house where Andrew Wyeth spent hours as a welcome guest and which became subject for so many paintings.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

  1. I have been to the Olsen house several times….from way back in the early 70’s when it was first open to the public. …to just a few years ago. Andrew Wyeth is a favorite artist. This past fall we went to Pennsylvania and to the Brandywine Museum and his father N.C. Wyeth’s home, which is nearby. So wonderful. We love the area in Maine where Andrew lived…near Cushing. Loved your pics. Also loved the last post of the bluebonnets…very familiar with that area, too from when we lived in the Houston area. Kinda don’t want to mention any towns in the bluebonnet country because then the secret would get out…ha ha.
    From a fellow Texan…Dallas area.

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