Patrick Dougherty installation in Minnesota
Patrick Dougherty installation in Minnesota

Now, who would’ve thought of art made from saplings with the help of hundreds of helping hands?  Patrick Dougherty, an artist who has combined his carpentry skills with his love of nature to create installations from Maine to California as well as in many foreign countries.  Because of the volunteer effort required, his work truly becomes a community project that is the source of much delight.

Linda_  032When a friend told me of a project being done in Houston’s Hermann Park, it dawned on me I had just seen the same artist’s work at a winery in Napa Valley and was fascinated by it.

Patrick Dougherty in HoustonAll finished, the Houston installation is drawing big crowds

Patrick Doughertythat marvel over the construction

Patrick Doughertythat seems to be a natural part of the landscape.  The three little pigs would have done well to have such a sturdy house!

Patrick DoughertyWhether or not children appreciate the work for its artistry, they love to wander through the space

Patrick Daughertyand delight in discovering the magic of what probably seems to them a great big playhouse!

Isn’t it wonderful that art takes so many forms and enriches our life on a variety of levels?

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22 thoughts on “House of Twigs

  1. Would’t it be fun to have a twig house in the garden for kids to play. Of course, I need some grandchildren first.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful creations.

  2. Love this ! Cannot wait to run over to Hermann Park and see for myself!
    P.S. Reminds me of the joy I had as a child building “fairy houses” out of twigs, moss, tiny rocks and other small found treasures for decoration!

  3. Wow! It’s like he just took his cue straight from all of nature’s birds and squirrels and all the other animals that build with twigs and end up with a sturdy,, weatherproof nest!!! Incredible!!!

  4. What wonderful pieces of art! I’d love to have one of these in my community. They must be well built and sturdy, since children are climbing on them. Amazing! laurie

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