From time to time, the granddaughters and I have a great adventure, just the three of us.  This time it’s off to San Diego where zoo attractions are the best and, thanks to a good friend, we are lucky to take them all in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASafari Park, developed by the San Diego Zoo, reminds of the African plains and is a whole lot closer!   Animals, mostly from Africa and Asia, appear to roam free and are in habitats as close to native as can be.  If you want to get the feel of being on a safari, there’s even a tent camp where you can spend the night surrounded by animals.

Safari ParkSafari ParkSafari ParkSafari ParkPlayful gorillas entertain visitors with their antics,

Safari Parkand elephants are seemingly indifferent to large numbers of viewers who exclaim with excitement over their every move.

Safari Park

Safari ParkSafari ParkSafari ParkSome animals go about their business oblivious to the crowds peering from afar and trying to get a decent photo which isn’t easy on a moving tram.

Safari ParkShow up with food, however, and you can bet the beasts will come running!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASafari ParkSafari ParkSafari ParkIn addition to the four legged creatures are birds, large and small.  To keep them from flying away, a bone has been removed from the wings, a technique we were told that is much kinder than clipping.

San Diego ZooAs interesting as Safari Park is the San Diego Zoo, San Diego Zooknown for its extensive collection of unusual species from all over the world.

San Diego ZooThis one is rare and still unnamed!

San Diego ZooMost of the animals are so used to being stared at they just peer back with total indifference!

San Diego ZooKoalas may be the original tree huggers, and you have to look quick or you’ll miss seeing any movement.

San Diego ZooAs you’ve probably heard, the big attraction at the zoo is the giant panda.

San Diego ZooThe line to view this guy is long,

San Diego Zooand he doesn’t disappoint.  Have you ever seen a cuter face?  This one has sired 6 cubs, the most by a captive panda.  That’s not easy because the female comes into season only once a year and is fertile for about 3 days.

No matter with whom you visit Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo, it is a great adventure.  With so much to see and lots of walking required, my advice would be to not do both locations in a single day.  We were pretty whipped after doing each one.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

14 thoughts on “Near Home Safari

  1. how much fun to enjoy these with your granddaughters, my parents used to live near San Diego and we would go to the Zoo and Safari Park all the time~you got wonderful photos of the stunning animals~

  2. When we were in the San Diego area, we only had an hour to visit to make our next destination…it was a delight, just in that hour…So great that you were able to take the girls to the zoo and experience that wonderful Park and Zoo…

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