Adding a little something new, changing things around can make a room feel fresh.  It didn’t take much  tweaking to give our master bedroom a lift.

bedroomAt West Elm, I found pillows in similar colors to ones already on the bed.  Their geometric shaped pattern meshes nicely with others already there.

bedroomRemembering how in Vietnam beds had a runner at the foot I added this one which until now has been used as a table runner.    At first, I had the charcoal gray side up,

bedroombut I couldn’t bear hiding the beautiful embroidery on the reverse side.  

bedroomMoving pictures around is an easy way to redecorate. Some of my favorite Georgia O’Keeffe lithographs now hang in the bedroom, and I love having them be the first thing I see in the morning.

bedroomThis gal wanted to be a part of the mix, too, and I see no reason why she can’t be.  She kinda looks the way I feel some mornings when I wake up!

bedroomAcross the room, a newly reupholstered chair and ottoman provide a favorite place to read in the afternoon or just sit and enjoy being surrounded by things that remind me of family and places I have been.  On cool days, I light the fireplace, the warmth of which makes this a very cozy spot.

bedroom I have decided that the bedroom is a place that should always have a little bouquet of fresh flowers, and these just happen to repeat the color of the embroidered flower on the runner making the pink seem to belong.

bWhile I’m tweaking, the bathroom cabinets are next.  I’ve long wanted to change the center panel and found the easiest way to do it was with wall paper.  All you have to do is cut a piece to fit and glue it in place.  Nothing could be simpler, and it provides immediate change.

bedroomWell, that’s a day’s work, so now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the change.  Tell me, how do you tweak your surroundings?

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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33 thoughts on “Tweaking!

  1. Linda, That is genius to add the wallpaper to your cabinets panels for an update and perfect for a quick change! I have bedroom fireplace envy too 🙂

    1. The texture and look of the wallpaper inserts is much better than the stained wood panel that was there. I think the stain was a failed effort that I never liked.

  2. I have been tweaking for the past week as I take the Christmas decor away…a bit ADD though…as I move from one room to the next and not completing any one room!…I love the new geometric pillows and the runner at the end of the bed….and must say that I am so envious of your fireplace in the bedroom…love the art over your it fabric?…great idea to place the panels of wallpaper in the cabinetry!…and last but not least, I am swooning over your Georgia O”Keefe lithographs!

    1. No, the piece over the bed is actually woven from strips of tar paper which is then painted. You might guess that it appealed to me because it was woven. I’m glad you like the lithos. They are among my favorite possessions, and I never tire of them.

  3. Wow! what a beautiful bedroom you have! I absolutely love the color! Everything looks so chic and elegant and I am hearting those lithographs…you have a beautiful room! Hugs, Poppy

  4. Ooohhhh….I like the new header! Very pretty! As for the tweaking, you have just given me the inspiration needed to get my behind up from this computer and go do some tweaking around here! That’s what I need for a little winter time pick-me-up!

    I’ve seen those runners at the bottom of the bed at some hotels. I like the idea of it but have never incorporated it into my own bedroom decor. That’s about to change! I always see runners amongst clearance stuff that, while it won’t work for my dining room or tablescaping, just might work for giving a little added punch to the bed. Thanks for the idea!

    I tweak my surroundings by getting rid of everything in the room, cleaning it or polishing it, then deciding whether it needs to go somewhere else on display, back into the original room, or be relegated to storage. It’s hard sometimes to change up from a tried & true look. Removing everything helps me to start with a blank slate that I can more easily work with.

    Your room is beautiful! Good luck with those bathroom cabinets!

    1. The header, Alycia, is a scarf I made recently, and I thought it was time to look at something new. Your blank slate idea is a good one. I’m too lazy to move everything so I wander from room to room thinking about what could go to another place.

  5. WHat a gorgeous room to wake up in….and I love your wall color!
    jealous of your fireplace….lol

    1. Thank you, Christine. The gray tones have been very peaceful.

  6. It doesn’t take much to give a room a new look…nicely done.

    1. How right you are, Karen, and tweaking is an inexpensive way to redecorate.

  7. I like the idea of moving photos/prints around. I just recently did that all over the house, and I find that I actually notice them again!

    1. Yes, moving hanging things around creates a whole new look.

  8. I love anything West Elm, and the pillows are great! You have so many gorgeous and unique pieces of art, I especially love your “gal” sitting on the book shelf~

    1. Thank you, Jenna. Much of the artwork is my bedroom is my daughter’s work. She is quite talented.

  9. Very comfi but elegant… Love the the tweaking…

    1. I never think of my taste being elegant, but with the addition of curtains and the quiet colors, the room does look a little grown up.

  10. Amazing transformation Lulu! The MB looks like serene retreat!

    1. You are right, it is now a serene space.

  11. Beautiful tweaking. The chair is so stunning by the fireplace. A perfect place to relax.

    1. Thanks, Judy. The dog likes the chair, too, and probably spends more time in it than I do.

  12. I love this, Lulu! So elegant and serene! I really love the punch the pillows make and the bathroom cabinets look fantastic. Oh, I’d love to have a fireplace in my bedroom!


    1. Thanks, Jane. The fireplace has been much used lately as it adds warmth on these chilly nights.

  13. Sorry you are having trouble linking up. Just make sure the link you have is and not It does not redirect.

    1. Thanks. I wasn’t using the net.

  14. Beautiful! I love what you’ve done.❁

  15. Everything looks great!

    Sent from my iPhone🌴♻

    1. Thanks, Janice. I’m always glad to have you stop by.

  16. You have some lovely spaces. I like your tweaks!

    1. Thanks, Ellen. It’s taken me a while to get my bedroom feeling comfortable. You’d think it would have been easy.

  17. Wow, very nice! Like in an interior design magazine!

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