See How They Run

Soft breeze.  Mild temps.  Blue sky.  A perfect day for the 25,000 runners who participate in the Houston Marathon.

Now, Houston’s event may not have all the prestige of New York or Boston, but it does attract runners from all over the country, the world for that matter, as well as the locals who’ve trained hard in hopes of achieving the finish.

flagsLucky for me, the marathon goes right through the middle of my community, West University Place, where flags put out by the Rotary Club fly and enthusiastic supporters  cheer the runners for having gotten halfway.  Marathoners wave to the crowd and even pick up their pace a bit in appreciation.

marathonI rarely see the elite runners pass by as they reach this point a good fifteen minutes ahead of the thousands who follow.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmarathonmarathonmarathonRunners come in every shape, size, color and gender and range in age from young to not so young.

marathonSome walk/run in packs using a very disciplined approach.

marathonThis guy is actually tethered to his buddy who is urging him on every step of the way.  I’m hoping both make it to the finish!

marathonI get a big kick out of the runners who approach the marathon with a sense of fun

marathonand exercise their creative spirit.

marathonAs time passes, the crowd of runners thins and many have slowed to a walk hoping to  have enough energy to finish.  But there is no sense of quit as determination marks their faces.

One thing’s for sure.  I give every person who passes by huge credit for being out there, and I cheer them on until I am hoarse.  For some those 26 miles are harder than for others.  Some runners may not finish, but they tried, and that is more than I can say for me.

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10 thoughts on “See How They Run

  1. Lovely pictures, Lulu! I completely agree with you; anyone who tries their best is already a champion! Thanks for sharing all the fun; very inspiring!

  2. If my knees were up to it, I would be out there too! I am happy to cheer from the sidewalks of Houston…..all are winners in my book!

  3. Twenty-six miles??? Oh, my goodness! I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do 26. I could maybe do 6, but not 26! I’d be that guy on the the bad end of the tether, whining and moaning and wondering, “Why, oh why did I say I’d do this?” And these days I’d have to walk it instead of run it with this stupid back of mine. I applaud every person who has the chutzpah to get out there and give it the old college try! I give extra kudos to those who do it in funny costume!

    It’s wonderful that your community comes out of their houses in support of the runners. You just have to know that they appreciate your cheers!

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