Colors of Provence

There are many reasons French country decor is so popular, and a very pleasing color palette is likely one.    

ProvenceColors range from the subtle blues

Provenceto the more vibrant like the natural ones found in Roussillon

Provenceor blooming in gardens.

ProvenceWhile many exteriors are of stone,

Provencethere is the occasional one that is the color of sunshine

Provenceor clay.

ProvenceNo matter the color or texture, you can bet there will be doors and shutters that reflect the character of Provence.  It is that unrefined look that defines French country decor and that many work so hard to recreate.


In Provence, it is not unusual to see interiors with interesting uses of color.

ProvencePlaster walls may be washed with grayed tones that give the feeling of walking into a painting and provide pleasing backdrops for neutral furnishings.

ProvenceWhile color is part of the appeal of Provencal style, so is its casualness making it a livable choice for homes where life is meant to be enjoyed.

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25 thoughts on “Colors of Provence

  1. I have never been to France so loved seeing these pictures!

    1. Thanks, Pinky. Provence is a visual delight.

  2. Wonderful photos… brings back happy memories of summers spent there!

    1. Lucky you to have spent summers in Provence.

      1. Many years ago but the colours don’t change – and I bet the air smells the same too! Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing!

  3. I know that first photo very well. I took it in Cliousclat. It became one of my first card designs. I’ve always loved it. And have always wanted those very shutters for my own home.

    1. Cliousclat…..what an adventure.

  4. The textures and sun drenched colors are so appealing! Beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you, Mary. You would have a great time with your camera in Provence.

  5. Stunning photos of a great subject!

    1. Thank you. With so much beauty, it’s not hard to take a good photo. You’d have loved the picnic in the vineyard.

  6. Thanks for the tour! I love the clay house with the blue boarded openings. That color combo is stunning, but I don’t think they intended to draw attention to the boarded windows… but, maybe so. I love French country style and have just begun to research it. Your tour shows their love for texture and natural toned back-drops. Are these pictures from a personal tour? If so, you are blessed. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.
    ❤ Kim

    1. Yes, Kim, these photos are from a trip there, and the interior shots are the house we rented. It was a work of art, and I loved it.

      1. Wow! What a treat! 🙂

  7. Great photos, they really tell a story. I love the shutters and the door. ~Ann

  8. The sunlight and warmth that comes through your photos has brightened my morning. a charming post x

  9. Provence is definitely my next stop in France!…I so loved the gorgeous doors and shutters and iron work in France…could not stop snapping pics of them!…Yes, they know how to live…

  10. Wow! Such beautiful images of Provence! I love French Country and your pictures are so very inspiring…..thanks so much for taking us on a trip through Provence! I gotta pin! Beautiful post! Have a lovely evening! hugs, Poppy

  11. GUESS WHAT? I might be moving to Houston!!!! So if this happens and once I am settled…we will definitely have to meet up…I will look so forward to this.

  12. So beautiful. I really enjoyed the pictures. Thank you for sharing!❀

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