Napa: The Last Word

As much as I enjoyed sampling wines and eating in Napa, there was something else there that thrilled me, too….art!   Thinking back, I realize that paintings were less the norm than sculptural pieces and constructions from interesting materials 

Napalike this one of sea fans

Napaor this made from metal tape measures.

NapaThere were sculptures cast of bronze depicting life

Napaand work in the valley.

NapaI loved this massive fountain of stone and granite and the way water gently moved from end to end.

NapaPaper, repurposed from books,

Napathe pages meticulously folded,

Napaand newspapers rolled, painted and stitched, was used to create some of my favorite pieces.

NapaThis piece is made entirely from multi colored sticky notes.  As I looked at each of these constructions, I delighted in thinking about how common elements can be used in such exciting ways.

NapaBeing a fiber person, I was fascinated by this huge piece

Napawith its intricate patterns of sequins and beads on a background of colorful knits.

NapaSpeaking of beads, how about this coiled creation that rises more than twenty feet off the ground?   I’m not even venturing a guess at the time and effort involved here.

NapaAnd last but not least, I was thrilled by these blown glass fixtures illuminating the production room of one winery.  I wouldn’t mind having a few of these in my kitchen!

I don’t know about you, but I am so grateful to those creative souls whose work makes my world a visual delight and provides inspiration.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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20 thoughts on “Napa: The Last Word

  1. Hi Linda, Your travels in Napa were a visual delight—-not only the wine and food but the beautiful , unusual art !!! And your comments make it all come alive !!!! Makes me want to travel back there again. Look forward to your next blog—-Julie

  2. Those are beautiful pieces if art Lulu. I was guess mushrooms on the first one and not sea fans. I think we mostly visited the wineries and missed the art. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. What is so cool is that art is everywhere, in the restaurants, wineries, hotels. Of course, it enhances every venue and it’s also great to see such support for the artists.

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