A Challenged Table

Cuisine Kathleen does like to challenge her blog friends from time to time to get their creative juices flowing.  This time she wanted us to create  a table inspired by one we had seen in a magazine, on Pinterest, another blog or wherever.

Christmas tableThis table is one I had pinned from Sweet Something Designs and it made me think of my now Farm Girl daughter in that it’s somewhat country and somewhat French.  It is simple, a table for a family to comfortably gather round for the evening meal.

Christmas tableSince I don’t have the daughter’s farm table, I improvised, covering a table with a quilt and adding a piece of burlap for a backdrop to the centerpiece.  Believe it or not, the hardest part about making the arrangement was getting the darned candy canes to stay in place.  Maybe a little glue would have helped!

SantaThe Santas are handpainted creations made from cypress knees.  I got them once upon a time when I was participating in a holiday market in Louisiana.

Santa platesWith the centerpiece done, these Santa plates begged to be part of the fun.  If they aren’t used during the holiday season, it’s lost opportunity, so set on a dark green charger, on the table they go.

Christmas tableCompleting the setting is a plaid, ever so popular this season, napkin tucked into a Santa napkin holder and candy striped flatware which I found at Ross.    I was so excited to make this my one holiday purchase at a price of $12.99 for four place settings.

Christmas tableAll finished, the table is my interpretation of the one that caught my eye for its artful simplicity suitable for any meal.  In addition to it making me think of Farm Girl, I know my grandmother would be shaking her head at one of her quilts being on a table.  That probably didn’t happen at her house!

SantaAnd, as I was finishing up, look who just happened to drop by.  I’m going right in to bring him a little of what I am sure is much needed refreshment.

Christmas table

I’m betting this eggnog latte will perk him right up!  Hey, I’ll make one for you, too.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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28 thoughts on “A Challenged Table

  1. Love your take on the inspiration picture, L! Such a colorful, fun table. Be sure to send Santa on to NY, my son’s 5 kids are waiting! 🙂
    That flatware is to die for! I need it!
    Thanks for taking the challenge at Let’s Dish!

  2. I love your challenge dear Lulu, is fabulous! I love your grandma’s quilt specially, but I love the dishes and those adorable Santa napkin rings! Great job my friend! Thanks for your sweet visit; I’d love to have you for tea too!

  3. Thank you Lulu, for stopping by my Blog, which made me able to find you. Your table is gorgeous, what a fun challenge, I have to check it out. Love that you used your grandma’s quilt on the table. My grandma made some very beautiful quilts too and I have a few of them.
    Enjoy what’s left of the weekend 😉

  4. Your festive table is a great take on the inspiration one, Linda…that vintage quilt is gorgeous. Love the flatware.

  5. Just love your challenge table, you did a great job. Wish we had a Ross here, just love that flatware. Yum, pass me a coffee please! Visiting from Let’s Dish.

  6. I love doing tablescapes and you have done your inspiration well. The colors are very Country French. My house has much Country French styled furniture. I think that style is making a return…

  7. Very cute setting Goes well with the season…Have a nice day…:):)

  8. Charming! I’d love to dine at this table. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  9. Neat interpretation!!!!!!! What’s wild is that when I looked at the inspiration photo, I automatically thought of your daughter’s beautiful farm house!!! I really loved taking the photo tour of her home earlier this year. (Or was is last year? Time just slips away from me these days!)

  10. Lovely! You did a wonderful job of using the inspiration table without being a direct copy.

  11. I really like your take on the inspiration table, Lulu! I want to try something similar with one of my lanterns when we extend our table after our kids’ families arrive. I’ve thought the same thing about what my grandmother would say about putting one of her quilts on the table! I think she would first roll her eyes, but then say, “Oh, why not?!”

  12. SharonFromMichigan December 12, 2013 — 9:18 am

    Oooh you did good! I love that your table has a nod to being rustic/primitive! I might steal your design idea of putting the lantern on the table with greens around it! Just Lovely!

  13. Liz @ Infuse With Liz December 12, 2013 — 8:57 am

    You did a great interpretation of that table your inspiration came from. I’m snickering about the quilt and thinking about my grandmother. She wouldn’t have understood the use of something like that either!

  14. Oh, my goodness! I love the table you’ve set. The napkin rings are adorable, and I’m drooling over those plaid napkins! They remind me of one of HH’s shirts. 😉 The quilt used as a table covering is warm and cozy – love the burlap with it, too. I have to say, flat ware doesn’t usually grab me, but yours does! So fun and festive for Christmas. 🙂 I know your farm girl is proud of the table you created. She might just be copying you this year!
    Christmas blessings,

  15. Looking very, very festive…nice one:)

  16. Absolutely charming! I need to get a piece of burlap – what a versatile decorating fabric. Plus it goes with my very rustic Christmas tree this year – all straw, felt, and natural ornaments!

  17. I love the vision of your grandmother shaking her head at her quilt on your table! Haha, my MIL used to think I was a kook all the time because I broke rules like that! The best part of your table is the thoughts of your daughter as you were creating it, so heartfelt~love love love your Santa plates!

  18. HI Linda, You’re speaking my love language~ a quilt, burlap and a little plaid! Love you adorable cypress knees Santas!

  19. Great copycat table, really like the flatware. Still working on my table. The latte would be great during another one of these cold nights here in North Texas!

  20. Oh, so cute! I love the plates, they set the scene for everything else!! How fun, Lulu!


  21. You did a great job with the challenge. I enjoyed it very much also. Love the Santa plates!

  22. The challenge while a lot of fun, it also was hard. Your Santa plates were just great. Also the Santa napkin rings were very cute. Love, Pam

  23. What a pretty table, Linda! The quilt with the burlap looks inviting, even if grandma wouldn’t approve. Your Santa plates are perfect and the candy cane striped flatware adds a touch of whimsy. Yes please, I’d love to stop by with Santa and enjoy one of your eggnog lattes.

  24. This is really cute! The quilt and burlap and perfect together. I love the candy striped flatware! Nice copycat!


  25. Farmgirl’s table is looking pretty plain. Even Christmas hasn’t inspired me to become a “tablescaper.” Maybe one of my girls will inherit your gifting! I think I know which one.

  26. Artful, creative and fun as only you can do a table. Your interpretation is clever using what you had and your special touch.

    Linda, Have a very Merry Christmas this year. I still remember a sweet Christmas note from you quite a few years back now.

  27. Hi Linda, I’ll take one of those lattes! Keep Santa happy so he will be good to you on Christmas morning. I love your re-created farm table. I agree, our grandmothers would be amazed to see what we do and what we collect now!! Linda

  28. All of you settings are glorious……thank you !

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