Transitioning to Another Holiday

My thought was to have a holiday party this year, but as in years past I dragged my feet and now it’s too late to plan and invite.  Instead, I am having a few dinner parties that will give us opportunity to spend time with friends we haven’t seen for a while.  Maybe those will be even better than a house full of partyers!

Christmas tablescapeI liked the burlap that was on the table Thanksgiving.  It had a homey feel that was very comfortable, so why not use it again and tie it this time around with ribbons having the traditional winter reds and greens?

Christmas tablescapeI bought this piece (is it a candle or candy mold?) years ago just because I liked it, but I rarely can figure out how to use it.  On the burlap  and with the holes filled with greenery and candles, it gives the table a rustic, woodsy look.

Christmas tablescapeAs for dishes, what better choice than the much loved, familiar Spode pattern that fits right in with the woodsy look of the centerpiece?  They were a gift from my mother oh so many years ago, and I never tire of using them

Christmas tablescapeor the companion stemware.

Christmas tablescapeAll are on holly berry placemats that enhance the colors in both the ribbons and the Spode pieces.

napkinThe napkin fold is an easy one.  Simply take a quartered napkin, pleat it, pinch it in the middle

napkinand secure with ribbon.

Christmas tablescapeFor a little touch of kid like fun, poppers are at each setting,

Christmas tablescapeand place cards sit atop the reindeer’s antlers.  Would you believe I just found these in a drawer, never used though I bought them several years ago at Pottery Barn.  Sometimes you just forget what you have!

Christmas tablescapeAll done, the table is consistent with my simple style, it used the same things differently

Christmas tablescapeand I hope is welcoming to the friends who will soon gather round.  Now, I have to decide what is going to fill the plates and get to work in the kitchen.

         i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind  


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24 thoughts on “Transitioning to Another Holiday

  1. Spode-timeless and classic, a beautiful table setting-enjoy your entertaining!

  2. Beautiful…I’ve always loved that Spode pattern, and you have used it wonderfully.

  3. It looks and sounds like you will be hosting a night to remember!! Blessings.

  4. I know your dinner guests will enjoy both your table decorations and your food.

  5. Love the simple transformation from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the burlap runner looks great with your rustic centerpiece. I have the Christmas Tree Spode too that my mother’s best friend gave me when I got married and I love using it every year, so timeless! Don’t you love that it is still popular? Your table looks elegant festive and fun!

  6. You do have a knack for making it all fresh and new. Great table with your Spode.

  7. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! I came across those very same dinner plates at a thrift store recently and could kick myself for not getting them after seeing how beautifully you set them on your table. Love the burlap and bows!

  8. Lulu, I enjoyed this pretty post, especially since Spode Christmas Tree is my Christmas china, too! Love the centerpiece and your linens. Beautiful table and full of inspiration for the rest of us!

  9. Very beautiful! I love the woodsy feel to it, really like that centerpiece which goes so well with the burlap….Christine

  10. Very festive table, Linda…love the centerpiece.

  11. Simply love the rustic look…

  12. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life December 5, 2013 — 10:17 am

    How cute and clever is this. I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  13. Such a pretty table. I LOVE your centerpiece and thank you for the napkin fold idea. I’m always looking for a different way to place my napkins, and this is an idea that I believe I can do successfully! Enjoy the season. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  14. I think what you may be fortunate to have is a Mexican raw sugar mold, often called a piloncillo. A mixture of boiled sugar cane and water is poured into the wooden molds. The wood draws the water out of the sugar and leaves a cone of pure sugar behind. The sugar is the piloncillo.

    1. Thank you for your visit and leaving such interesting information. I never would have guessed the piece could be used for such purpose.

  15. Love how you decorate with burlap! Beautiful coordination of red and green.

  16. Linda, I love your rustic candle mold as a centerpiece with your burlap! It’s beautiful paired with the red & green!

  17. Beautiful…I love the centerpiece and the placemats look so pretty with the dishes.

  18. I love your burlap with the pretty centerpiece, Linda. Of course your dishes a re such a treasure from your mother and I love the simple napkin trick.

  19. This is perfect! Rustic and colorful and comfortable! Love the centerpiece too.
    I think the smaller parties are a good idea! I thought I would do an open house, but with dh being sick, that got scrapped! I barely have the energy to do a little decorating.
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  20. This is a darling table! Love the way you used the burlap down the center with the candle mold. Each place setting is full of Christmas cheer! Happy Holidays!

  21. OK, Lulu….my question is, Where do you store all these thematic, place settings?, (did I just try to invent a word?).

    Beautiful decorating/dining for any season, that is you.

    1. I am flattered by your words. In response to where all is kept, you may have noticed I use most of what I have over and over with a tweak here and there to make it seem new. In that sense, you don’t have to have so much stuff and I assure you I don’t spend a lot of time shopping for new things when the tried and true will work.

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