A Taste of Louisiana

As we drove through Louisiana, the hubby started thinking it would be a good idea to stop for some boudin.  Along I-10 there is lots of opportunity.  At one stop, there was no more and the lady directed us to The Best Stop at the Scott/Cankton exit.  What a recommendation that turned out to be.

Linda_  021 (1)As you can see the place doesn’t look like much, but inside it was teeming with people purchasing bags full of prepared or ready to cook meats.  I bought enough boudin to last a lifetime and as a little treat I got some boudin balls to eat in the car.  Talk about good!

At home with lots of boudin, I decided to give those balls a try without knowing where to start.  Luckily, my son-in-law’s mom knows a lot about Louisiana cooking, so I sent an email asking her advice.  Her reply:  

“You may want to add a little flour to the mixture so the balls will hold their shape. Then lightly flour to fry. I like to add seasonings (ground bay leaves, mustard powder,etc) to the flour.”

Boudin ballsHer advice got me off to a good start.  I deviated only a bit by dipping the balls in an egg wash  and then in bread crumbs after they were floured.  That seemed to give them a touch more body, and, I thought, would result in the slightly crispy outside as on the ones I had sampled.

boudin ballsSince I use peanut oil for frying shrimp, that seemed a good way to go with the boudin balls.  The oil was heated over medium high heat in my trusty old iron skillet and the balls fried to a golden brown.

boudin ballsAll done and we couldn’t wait to sample.  I don’t know whether or not they are as good as the ones that inspired me to make them, but they are pretty darned tasty and, best of all, simple to make.  They will be a Thanksgiving appetizer, and the son-in-law and his mom will have to be the final judge!

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16 thoughts on “A Taste of Louisiana

  1. Oh My! That sound delicious…

  2. You can tell from the sign and the exterior that The Best Stop is appropriately named. It looks like the perfect candidate for a visit from Guy on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives 🙂

  3. They look yummy! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Laura

  4. I would have never had the courage to stop at that place, but it’s always the dives that have the best kept secrets! Great app for Thanksgiving, they will be gobbled up for sure!

  5. We were in New Orleans and Baton Rouge a couple of years ago but never tried this. Looks good! Guess we’ll have to go back.

  6. I see from your answer that they are different from French boudin that my husband enjoys. From your description of the ingredients, I think everyone will enjoy them as an appetizer on Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the day.

  7. Looks perfect! Thanks for sharing the tip.

  8. I must have been living on the moon, since I have no idea what boudin is. And no recipe!! Linda, Linda, Linda, give a girl a clue!

  9. OK…you must tell this “Florida girl” what boudin is?..it looks good!

  10. Yum. Hadn’t heard of it before.

  11. Are the Louisiana boudins the same as we have in France. Ours are made solely of pigs’ blood and fat with seasoning?

    1. I think it may be a bit different as Louisiana boudin is ground pork, rice and seasonings.

  12. I think I saw this place on Bizarre Foods

  13. They look delicious!


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