Burlap and Ribbons

burlap and ribbonWhat was I thinking when I bought 25 yards of burlap and 50 yards of ribbon?

pumpkin tablescapeLast week a small amount was used for overlapping table runners and to gussy up candle holders, but there’s lots more so I better get thinking.

burlap/ribbon tablescapeWith Thanksgiving just days away, there’re definite possibilities for the dining room table.  I cut a length of burlap for the center of the table and tied it at intervals with the ribbon.  So far so good.

burlap/ribbon tablescapeAren’t the colors in the so real looking flowers perfect?  (These vases of artificial lovelies are one of my best ever purchases.)  And who says napkin rings can’t serve a different purpose?

burlap/ribbon tablescape

There’s still lots of burlap and ribbon left, so it’s up to the sewing room where I cut the burlap into placemat size and stitched the ribbon to the raw edges.  This was a quick and easy project and will give a finished look to the table.

burlap/ribbon tablescapeNow for the dishes.  To allow the colors and textures to show through, I selected glass plates and added  an accordion fold napkin and a sprig of fall leaves.burlap/ribbon tablescape

To finish the setting amber stems from Pier One and salad plates borrowed from another set of dishes are added.

burlap/ribbon tablescapeWell, that came together pretty easy and gets me one step closer to being ready for Thanksgiving festivity.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow I better start making a grocery list of ingredients for all our traditional favorites.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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42 thoughts on “Burlap and Ribbons

    1. Thank you, Emil. You are so kind with your comments.

  1. It looks great! Love those amber stems.
    I have enough ribbon to get to TX and back. I can never resist those 50 yard rolls at Costco and Sams!
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!

  2. Oh how pretty your sewing projects are! Love the burlap and ribbons.

  3. I think that burlap and ribbons are my new favorite thing. Very pretty Lulu!

  4. I love your creativity. Both of your tables are beautiful!

    – The Tablescaper

  5. Beautiful table! I love how you created our runner…Christine

  6. LOVE the rustic pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t think i’d have the patience to work with burlap like this. It’s always so beautiful, but it rolls around so much…makes me wanna punch it in the head! 🙂 You have great, great patience and it totally paid off!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I just bought a huge roll of 14 inch burlap to make runners with for a big church party for 250 and was planning on just running it straight, but I love what you did with the ribbon and bunching it like that. That would make it so much more interesting! The placemats are darling too.

  8. Lovely lovely table! Such cute placemats you made….


    1. Thank you for your compliment and visit. Do come again.

  9. Look at you getting all crafty! I love burlap, but not sure I got the crafty gene. Smiling at that familiar handwriting. Not another person in the world writes even remotely like you do! 🙂

  10. Perfect for this time of year and I have some extra burlap in the house. I’m going to work on it 🙂

    1. It would be fun to see what burlap creation you come up with.

  11. Love it all, especially those plaid napkins.

  12. Wow ~ you are so creative and talented! This is just beautiful!!!

  13. That is a very pretty use of burlap. I used it on a Christmas tree one year. It is used in my landscaping, but it is such a versatile material.

  14. Hi Lulu,
    thank you for your sweet comment on my blogpost. I visited you back and love your table settings. Its really marvellous what you make with a simply burlap and that pretty ribbon.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. I really, really love it! Beautiful and perfect!

  16. Lulu, I love the way you tied the ribbon around the burlap runner – so clever. I’m pining that, so I can remember to copy some time. The ribbon on burlap for placemats is another very clever idea, and I love the napkin rings used as candle rings. laurie

  17. Lulu, your table is gorgeous. Love the way you presented the runner! Just ordered 5 rolls of black and white plaid ribbon for my Christmas tree, and it arrived today. Can’t wait to play around with ideas.

  18. I just love how you did that with the flowers! So pretty!!

  19. I downright declare, you make burlap look classy. We use it for storing horse feed and other whatnots down here.

      1. Hehehe!! Enjoy the holiday with your fabulousness!

  20. What a versatile way to create so many different methods to use burlap and ribbon. I love the idea of the ribbon use to tie up the burlap runner. The place mats are really lovely with the ribbon trim. Have a great week!


  21. So original… I also have burlap, but nothing fancy… Just the plain burlap… Great idea…

  22. I always enjoy your beautiful and unique tablescapes, Linda. I just can’t make myself use or really like burlap…all I can think of is the large bags of chicken feed we used to get when we raised chicks…and they stunk! The napkin rings make fabulous candle rings.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. I can smell those feed sacks now, but, you know, my grandmother always found good use for them.

  23. I have always loved the look of burlap and ribbons

  24. Amazing and Thank you so much for sharing

  25. Lovely use of the burlap and ribbon, a perfectly set table for Thanksgiving. Now tell me…what was your original thought when you bought so much burlap. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure, Karen. There was just lots of it at a market I attended and I walked away with a roll if it not thinking much about why or how it would be used. Are you home?

      1. We are home. A dusting of snow on the ground, in the 20’s with 30mph wind gusts. burr

  26. Now I love this table!….Such a great idea to add the elegance of the ribbon to the casual burlap!
    I love how you tied the burlap with the ribbon to create the beautiful runner…wonderful job!!

  27. your table is fabulous Linda, I love what you have created with your burlap overstock! Love the poofy runner and really love the place mats! Hmmmm, I just might have to borrow this idea…I have an abundance of ribbon and burlap myself. Your floral stems are perfect in your setting

  28. I love your ribbon trimmed burlap mats Linda! Your free form winding burlap runner tied in intervals looks so organic and perfect for your glass top table! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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