Last Stop New Orleans


Our last stop on the long road from Maine to Houston is New Orleans, not the craziness of the French Quarter but the quieter Garden District. Here, instead of fancy hotels, are charming inns that exude the character of earlier days.

20131116-201802.jpgStreets are lined with houses from another era and defined with stunning architectural details.

20131116-202443.jpgWhat do they all have in common? Wrought iron making me think it must have been very profitable to have been a decorative metal worker at one time!

20131116-202645.jpgAs with any place, there are those homes that have fallen into disrepair, but even those have lovely lines that challenge the imagination.

20131116-213521.jpgOn the perimeter of the Garden District is the Lafayette Cemetery designated as a historical landmark. Because of the gumbo soil the tombs are above ground and are examples of incredible artistry. I can spend hours here wandering among the structures, studying their detail and reading the plaques.

20131116-222538.jpgJust a few blocks from the cemetery is Magazine Street, a great place for browsing. Even though there wasn’t much time for shopping, I saw plenty to strike my fancy!


Of course, you can’t go to New Orleans without thinking about food. Commander’s Palace is in the same area, and this night the staff was kind enough to let me come into the kitchen, take pictures and ask all kinds of questions about food preparation. What fun that was!

20131116-220011.jpgOn this brief visit, the hubby wanted to visit the museums dedicated to the Civil War and World War II. If you’ve not been, put them on your list of places to go next time in New Orleans.

The long road home has been just that, 13 states and 2500 miles, but it has opened my eyes to how much there is to see in this country of ours if we just take the time.

I so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind

8 thoughts on “Last Stop New Orleans

  1. I love New Orleans! We went there last spring and had an amazing time! I still dream about the delicious BBQ shrimp that I ordered…

  2. We ate at Commander’s Palace on our honeymoon and again in 2008 I think. Both times were memorable. How neat you got to look in the kitchen and talk to the chefs. Great that you are having such a good time traveling back home.

  3. The moment I saw the title of your post, I smelled chicory coffee and heard the lovely funeral jazz music in my head and then here you are with Lafayette Cemetery, one of my favorite places. Oh how delightful.

  4. Brings back memories! 🙂 Ex husbands brother and family moved there for awhile and I went down there with my two boys ( youngest was not born yet ) for a week or two. I had a blast! 🙂

  5. How wonderful that you could take the time to slowly travel and see so many great sites on your way…

  6. Neat pictures. We loved the architecture as well, just beautiful!


  7. I went to New Orleans for my 40th birthday and loved the food and the people… Great pictures…

  8. Welcome to the great American South! Hope you enjoyed it!

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