On To Monticello

MonticelloStopping at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home near Charlottesville, Virginia, was high on my list of things to do on the long road home.

MonticelloSitting high on what used to be an 8,000 acre plot now reduced to 1,500 acres, the Jefferson designed home is an impressive structure representing many facets of Jefferson’s intellect, curiosity and talent.  Only a few rooms in the 11,000 square foot home are open for viewing and no photos are allowed inside, however, you can get a glimpse in this month’s House Beautiful which has a very nice article on Monticello.

MonticelloAt one time, 600 slaves worked the plantation, and they lived in small quarters such as this.  Imagine an entire family here with room for only the barest necessities.

MonticelloJefferson entertained often with food prepared in a large kitchen attached to the main house.  His quite forward design included clever dumb waiters and wine caddies that moved food and drink from the kitchen to the dining area.

MonticelloAlso attached to the house is an impressive wine cellar.  Did you know that Jefferson became quite a connoisseur of fine wines when he was in Paris and is said to have influenced an appreciation for them in this country when he returned?

MonticelloA taste for fine wine is just one of the things for which Jefferson is given credit.  He also introduced French Vanilla ice cream.   He loved pasta and had a pasta machine sent from Italy to Monticello, quite an innovation at the time.  One of his favorite dishes was short pasta tubes mixed with cheese, probably what we call macaroni and cheese.  While he did not invent the dish, he is said to have made it popular by serving it frequently to his many guests.

As I wandered the grounds listening and reading, I could not help but be filled with admiration for Jefferson and imagine what an interesting dinner guest he would have been.

Linda_  038 Topping off the visit to Monticello was staying at the Foxfield Inn, a charming  bed and breakfast with friendly owners who know how to do things right.  

Linda_  039I was particularly impressed with the attention given the morning breakfast.  Presentation was lovely, and the food tasted as good as it looked.  I won’t tell you how many of the cinnamon twists I ate!!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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16 thoughts on “On To Monticello

  1. I love the table setting.

  2. Lulu,
    Thanks for sharing this. I have visiting Monticello on my list of things I want to do. I would love to see the gardens…It was nice to see your pictures…
    Love, Mona

  3. It was nice to view Monticello and you are making me hungry here too, lol…I think I need to stop and go get some dinner together! I wish it was breakfast at this point 🙂 Or maybe dinner with a cinnamon twist for dessert 🙂

  4. I loved our trip to Monticello year before last at this same time frame. The fall foliage was very pretty. Jefferson would have made a great dinner guest. It is interesting to think about what he and his guest would be talking about.

    Your bed and breakfast sounds nice too. It is nice to take your time as you drive back home and enjoy places along the way.

  5. This is a must see, now that we live here in N.C. Our neighbor is from Charlottesville and talks of Monticello all the time!

  6. I so love Jefferson. Did you visit his vineyards? His wine is still sold today and is quite lovely. I once owned a restaurant and every year did a seven course wine dinner on Jefferson’s Birthday to celebrate his love for all things culinary. I served his wines and paired them with foods prepared with Jefferson’s own recipes. It was one of the most popular wine dinners I did.

    1. What a delightful way to honor Jefferson. I sure would’ve like to attend one of your dinners.

  7. How interesting! It would be lovely to visit Monticello sometime in the future and experience the history as you have…thank you for sharing.

    1. I have loved the long road home as it has definitely put me in touch with much that has impacted our country.

  8. Love the look of the B & B. So much history to enjoy along the way…

    1. Indeed, Ellen, and all has been fascinating.

  9. I love, love Monticello … have been there many times than I want to admit!…It is pretty much a day trip for us..but the Inn looks wonderful!!…so glad you are enjoying your journey home.

  10. Jefferson’s home is definitely on the Bucket List!! Thanks so much for an interesting post!


    1. You are welcome. There’s lots to see in the general area.

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