Shutting Down

lobster boats/Rockport HarborSince May I’ve awakened to the early morning sound of lobster boats leaving the harbor, heading out to Penobscot Bay where lobstermen will bring in the day’s haul or set and bait traps.  Now morning comes later, and the boats are quiet until almost midday.

lobster boatThese days the work is quite different. The season for most of the lobstermen is shutting down, so their time out is spent collecting traps,

lobster gearand paraphernalia that is stacked  on platforms for  later pickup.

lobster gearTheir gear lines the harbor dock

lobster gearfilling space with lively color.

lobster gearBuoys are hung to dry after getting a fresh coat of paint 

lobster gearand all the trappings for lobstering are sorted and organized before being put away for winter.

lobster boats, Rockport HarborWith pleasure craft all but gone from the harbor, the lobster boats are alone, mooring wherever they please and the lobster guys pay little attention to the No Wake rule as they race in and out of the harbor.  Except for a few hearty souls, most  will spend the winter readying for a new season when the process begins all over again.  

How I love the rhythm of the harbor, and I can’t wait until spring when once again I will wake to the sound of lobster boats!

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15 thoughts on “Shutting Down

  1. Beautiful photos and story, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful pictures of familiar scenes. I’m in Salisbury on the coast of Massachusetts and often in Maine as my husband is a firefighter at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

  3. I can just about picture waking to the lobster boats after reading your post. I can see why you are looking forward to Spring, Linda.

  4. Wonderful beautiful colorful photos! What is it about boat paraphernalia that fascinates? Life by the water is like no other~I am saving some of your photos for painting~ your compositions tell a story~

  5. What a wonderful way to live. I can’t even imagine how magical it must be to live near the water. I’m so envious of your life 🙂

  6. Such tranquility and beauty. Perhaps the mood is so precisely because things are shutting down. To everything there is a season. What a pretty, pretty port!


  7. Lovely post! Sad to see the warm weather go. I know you escape to the South.
    Safe journey.

  8. Beautiful and relaxing scenes!

  9. Your life is something I know nothing about. Thanks for sharing – it sounds divine! 🙂

  10. The harbor seems like “the happenings of nature”…the winding down of the season to prepare for shelter of winter…thanks for taking us along in your beautiful season in Maine…

  11. Sad when one season ends…. but exciting when a new season starts again as well.. thanks for posting.. I thoroughly enjoyed my season with you – j

  12. Harbors are special places, that’s for sure!

  13. I enjoyed this post. It’s got a rhythm of its own. Lovely, absolutely lovely Lulu.
    You live in one of my all time favorite places.

  14. Thanks for your adventures from Maine…….I so enjoyed every word…. I can’t wait for your next adventures…..Kit

  15. It sounds so pleasant and reassuring, the rhythm of it all, coming full circle every fall.


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