Who Invited These Gals?

Halloween tablescapeIzzy and Maddie heard something good was brewing here, Halloween tablescapeand they just came right on in with their spidery friend.  

Halloween tablescapeNothing like putting themselves right in the center of things!

Halloween tablescapeWell, since they have barged in, let’s use them for color inspiration. The flatware and plates pick up Maddie and Izzy’s palette

Halloween tablescapeand will serve as chargers for black bowls.  Of course, since time is running out for the spooky stems, I can’t resist using them one more time!

Halloween tableThe napkin fold is a simple one. A quartered napkin is folded on the diagonal and  three corners are turned back for a bit of sauciness.

Halloween tablescapePut a few gourds into the mix, and  these bewitching uninvited ladies are surrounded.

cioppinoAnd, what brought them in?  They heard cioppino was on the menu.  This (recipe here) is a real favorite made with a variety of fish and shellfish, that is perfect for these increasingly cool nights.  Maddie and Izzy will have to fight the hubby, however, for their fair share.  So will you!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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23 thoughts on “Who Invited These Gals?

  1. Cioppino is new to me but it looks delicious. Your table has so much personality.

    I guess you will be leaving soon. Bittersweet I know.

  2. For some reason I thought you were in Houston. Your cioppino sounds perfect for the cool Maine weather you must be having now.

  3. I am with Izzy and Maddie, I would gladly come to the party for a bowl of that Cioppino, those two are just precious. Your table is lovely as always! Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you have a great weekend!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen

  4. Can’t blame them for wanting to be there…the table is perfect for a Halloween night dinner…beautiful table…and love those goblets!!

  5. So fun Lulu, I love your witches and that you’ve named them! They have so much personality! Love the polka dot napkins and the cioppino looks like the perfect witches brew! Happy Halloween!

  6. What a fun table, Linda. I love the colors in your china. Cioppino sounds delicious on a cool evening.
    Have a wonderful week…

  7. That’s a fun table setting. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Stunning! Happy Halloween!

    1. Traveling today and seeing lots of big trucks. Makes me think if you and the stories you might tell.

      1. OH so many to tell 🙂 travel safely Austin area is under water not sure how many other towns will be . Take care.

  9. Love witches… Very pretty table setting…

  10. Great table! Love that centerpiece…

  11. Izzy and Maddie know a good party when they see one! Your cioppino looks like it’s worth fighting over! Happy Haunting to you!

  12. That cioppino looks the business. I’ll be interested to see the recipe.

  13. Wow, love these dishes and the girls are too cute! I enjoyed the fun writing also.

  14. I love this tablescape, the girls are wonderful guests, I am not so sure about their spidery friend! I have been lucky enough to share your table when cioppino was on the menu and I can vouch for the fact that it is worth fighting for!

  15. I think your girls would like spending time with the ones who hang around here. They are always wanting something to eat. Looks like they hit the jackpot with this meal. Yum!
    Happy Halloween!

  16. Ok, Linda, I’m willing to fight for my share of that!! It looks delicious!!!!!!! I think we should share with the gals, too, as they provided such inspiration for your excellent table setting! Linda

  17. Those witches are adorable, and your table is full of color and fun! The mussel shells look like something ominous floating in the soup! 🙂
    Thanks for linking to Let’s Dish!
    Happy Howl oween!

  18. Izzy and Maddie sure make for the perfect centerpiece at your pretty table, Linda. I love the napkin fold and your meal is tempting me. Happy Halloween!

  19. Love the chargers….. Everything is terrific…..thanks for sharing…..

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