The Last Boat Ride

It’s that time of year when one by one boats are pulled from the water and stored for the winter.  Pipe Dreams goes into hibernation this week so we must get in that last boat ride of the season. 

Indian IslandAs we leave Rockport Harbor, I take a long look at Indian Island wearing its coat of many colors.  This is an image that will be in my head through the winter, a reminder of what I will look forward to next year.

schoonerAs we cruise Penobscot Bay, we wave to folks on a schooner enjoying a sail under a perfect fall sky.  It won’t be long until these vessels are shrouded in plastic or headed south for warmer climes.

frieghterNow, here is a sight we don’t see too often in the bay, a big freighter heading who knows where.

CamdenIn the distance, we see the mainland that is Camden, Lincolnville and Northport

Maineand the islands that characterize the coast of Maine.

BelfastAs we tie up at the Belfast dock, we are welcomed by this familiar sign and notice that the patio is full today of people eating and basking in the warm sun.

BelfastBelfast, another of those cute little Maine towns with a charming main street, is one of our favorite destinations for lunch and browsing. 

BelfastIt is crowded today with visitors from a ship that takes passengers on leaf peeping cruises.

Chase's DailyNo way can we come to Belfast without having lunch at Chase’s Daily, always worth the wait.  The menu is vegetarian and most of the offerings are made with ingredients fresh from the Chase farm.

Chase's DailyChase's DailyChase's DailyChase's DailyThe rear of the restaurant,  appealing as the menu and  filled with seasonal produce and flowers, is also an exhibition space for art, so there is plenty on which to focus.

Eat More Cheese
Eat More Cheese
Coyote Moon
Coyote Moon
The Good Table
The Good Table

On the way back to the boat, I can’t resist a stop at a few of my favorite places where I am sure to find something I can’t live without!

Rockport HarborAfter a very satisfying visit to Belfast and a perfect day for this last cruise, we return to Rockport and the harbor that welcomes us home.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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23 thoughts on “The Last Boat Ride

  1. Lulu, I just read this post. We were in your area earlier this month (Lincolnville, to be exact). It is so pretty there!!! Lucky you to live in Maine. Thanks for sharing your pictures!!

    1. Yes, Zenda, very lucky as I do love this place. Do come again.

  2. How bittersweet the ride must have been…I always love seeing your beautiful pics of the towns and beautiful waters of Maine….truly a magical place to be!

  3. Oh to visit…one day! So scenic and quaint! Glad you had such beautiful weather for the last boat ride of the season 🙂

  4. Such a fabulous area. One day I shall visit the Maine Coast. I grew up with boats, and had my own wooden rowing skiff before I had a bicycle. Lovely opening and closing shots. I look forward to these posts.

  5. although I don’t mind a few grey days your sunshine is looking good right now

  6. Everything does have a time and a season. I love your daily musings especially in Maine.

  7. I well remember the last boat ride of the season. My parents had a lake house for 28 years, so it was as much a part of my lifestyle as breathing. Thanks for sharing your final ride of the season and these gorgeous photos.

    1. OH, Pattie, then you can definitely relate to how you take in every moment.

  8. I’ve never been to Maine, but it is on my bucket list. Beautiful photography.

    1. Thank you. I do hope you make it to Maine. It is a wonderfully unique place in this country of ours.

  9. Delightful……….we depart in a few days……….hopefully we will find our new home!

    1. I can’t wait to hear about your adventure, where you look, where you like. Don’t forget about Rockport.

  10. Oh Linda, I have so much enjoyed your writings this summer. It takes me back to my summers in Watch Hill. RI. Such a great reminesence of a beautiful part of our great country! I was transported each time to the beauty and peace there. Thanks!

    1. Thank you, Sherleen. I am flattered that you follow along.

  11. Makes me very homesick.

    Betsy from sunny, not California

  12. Your photos are beautiful! I especially like the first and second pictures. Chase’s Daily sounds like a great place to eat. As a vegetarian (well, a semi vegetarian. I eat fish on occasion), I am always on the lookout for good restaurants which understand vegetarian food. They are not hard to find in cities but in small towns one can sometimes feel like an anomaly! I’ll have to visit Chase’s Daily when I finally get around to visiting Maine. 🙂

    1. Maine is so about natural eating, so you would have no problem.

  13. So very lovely! Those look like fun shops for sure…

  14. Lovely, simply bittersweet and lovely!

    1. Thank you, Kenley. Texas calls, but how I do hate to leave here.

  15. I think it’s fantastic that you get to have such a nice long stay in Maine…what has it been? 3-4 months? I have so enjoyed following along and seeing places I’ve always wanted to see through your blog.

    We are ready to pack summer up at the lake, although we do spend cozy winter weekends there. The boat will be stored at the marina in a few weeks so I’m hoping for one last ride!


    1. Yes, Jane, we are here for quite a while, five months to be exact plus a shorter time in the winter. I love this place and sharing it.

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