Dahlia Heaven

dahliasI love dahlias, their texture, their incredible colors.  They are definitely what one daughter would call brave and outspoken.

DahliasSo, what took me so long to go to Endless Summer Flower Farm in Camden, Maine, which I have heard about for several years but never visited.

dahliasWhen I tell you this place takes your breath away, I’m not exaggerating.  Spread among two planting areas are more dahlias than you could believe possible.  And to think, I have trouble getting any to grow in my overly shaded garden.

dahliasThis is Phil, who with his wife, is responsible for this incredible place which has more than 4,000 plants representing 208 species of dahlia.  Who knew there were that many different  ones?  Asked how he got into growing these beauties, he said it started 17 years ago with his daughter’s wedding.  She wanted dahlias, and he thought why not grow them for her.

dahliasLooking at them, you notice they are not just different colors.

dahliasThey have different bloom shapes and sizes

dahliasand many have their own distinctive petal.

dahliasPhil tells me this beauty, Cafe au Lait, is the most popular color, especially for weddings.

dahliasHow do you tell one variety from another?  Look closely and you’ll see that every plant is identified.  I’m beginning to think this dahlia farm is a lot of work.  That is not a wrong assumption.  After the first frost, all the tubers, keep in mind 4,000 plus plants, are dug up and stored until spring planting season when the whole process begins again. During the winter,  the tubers are separated and started in a dirt filled styrofoam cup to give the plant a healthy start.

dahliasIf you are in an area suitable for growing dahlias, you can order tubers from Endless Summer Flower Farm online or, if you are like me and don’t do so well growing your own, you can just stop by the cart and pick your own bouquet.  Hopefully, there will be some left!

dahliasRemember, as the sign says, dahlias are addictive!

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind 


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17 thoughts on “Dahlia Heaven

  1. The dahlias are just gorgeous especially the Cafe au Lait. What a wonderful thing to do, grow wedding flowers. That is really special.

  2. The variety of Dahlias are amazing. They grow well here in Washington state. Dear’s mother had a cousin who died in the early 90’s. We were able to visit her home and Dahlia garden that was amazing in the late 80’s.

  3. So many beautiful blossoms. I have always loved dahlias, but never tried growing them. I am not good at doing bulbs, either I forget to put them out or bring them in!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You just can’t beat nature’s beauty.

  5. AWESOME! I have to grow more Dahlias! I gave mine away when I moved back to Missouri. I shouldn’t have done that!

  6. Oh my…such beauty & variety and what a labor of love! Just the thought of digging up all those tubers every fall and replanting in the spring makes me weary 🙂

  7. Dahlias are also very photogenic!

  8. So gorgeous! 4,000 plants of dahlia, WoW!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! Love Dahlias!!

  10. I would be in awe visiting this place! Phil and Karen are doing well for being in the business just 17 years. My neighbor at the lake grew dahlia’s and I saw the ritual of digging them up in the fall and replanting in the spring. Definitely worth it for these beauties!


  11. Fabulous pictures! Will put it on our list for our visit to Maine next summer
    Susie Dudley

  12. Just truly Beautiful.

  13. Gorgeous! I wish these grew in S Florida !

  14. Beautiful! Though I think the single dahlias like Bishop of Llandaff are my favorite.

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