Common Ground: A Maine Tradition

Each fall Common Ground is an opportunity for Maine organic farmers and growers to show their stuff.

Common GroundThis year there seems to be more of everything and the crowds are huge, perhaps thanks to a near perfect weekend.

Common GroundOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACommon GroundCommon GroundNo matter your fancy, there’s something for everyone whether it’s books on growing and cooking,  lectures on every subject or demonstrations showing work done the old fashioned way.

Common GroundThe farmers market is full of tempting produce,

Common Groundso much of it in breathtaking color this time of year.

Common GroundOf course, the farmers lay out their choice items hoping for a prize. which to my eye, almost every entry receives!

Common GroundTantalizing food smells fill the air, and while there are unlimited choices, most natural and/or organic, the lamb kebabs and sausages are a real favorite.

Common GroundJust past the food, one hears shrieks of delight from kids sliding down the hill on pieces of cardboard which goes to show that expensive toys aren’t the only answer for fun.

Common GroundCommon GroundCommon GroundCommon GroundAs much as I enjoy all the exhibits and activity, my heart is drawn to the tents filled with handmade items of clay, wood, glass, fiber and metal.

Common GroundSeeing this lovely dyed sheep’s wool causes me a moment’s regret that I don’t weave with wool, but I can imagine a beautiful blanket made in stunning colors.

Common GroundIf only I could think how to get one of these apple ladders in the car, you can be sure it would be going home with me!  Can’t you just imagine all the wonderful things you could do with one?

Yes, Common Ground is one of those special events that takes one back to those times when everything wasn’t mass produced and value was given to what one could do with his hands.  Fortunately, Maine is one of those places where the old ways are still good ways.

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14 thoughts on “Common Ground: A Maine Tradition

  1. What a wonderful way to spend an autumn day! Eye candy galore, and I can only imagine the aromas from the grilling foods~I have never even heard of an apple ladder! Right now I have a sudden desire for swiss chard 🙂

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