Let’s Go Cruisin’

It may be fall, but when there are blue skies and calm seas there’s still time for boating on Penobscot Bay.

A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast

There are so many places to explore on the Maine coast, and the best way to pick a spot is to refer to this book which is chock full of information that helps make every boat adventure a real success.  Our first copy was purchased more than 20 years ago, and we’ve had every updated version.

North Haven ferryThis day, let’s go to Perry Creek located in the Fox Islands Thorofare near North Haven.  On the way, we are likely to pass the ferry that transports people and vehicles from Rockland to North Haven.

SchoonerAnd, it won’t be surprising to see a windjammer loaded with passengers enjoying a couple of hours on the water.

Perry CreekArriving at Perry Creek, we are immediately struck by its tranquil beauty.

Perry CreekAhead we spot a floating cabin adorned with pots of fall color.  Don’t you love that extra touch?

Perry CreekWatching the sun set

Perry Creekand give way to a full moon is absolutely enchanting.

foodBecause it is so well protected, Perry Creek is a wonderful place to spend the night, so let’s bring out the food.

foodThere’s plenty for all of us, so help yourself.

Perry Creek, fogMorning introduces a whole new day, and don’t be surprised to be greeted by fog.

Perry CreekAs we say good by to Perry Creek, the sun is peeking out among the clouds, so it looks like another beautiful day for cruising.  Ready?

i so enjoy your visit and the comments you leave behind

10 thoughts on “Let’s Go Cruisin’

  1. I so love it when you post pictures of beautiful Maine…I especially love the “foggy” ones!…just magical!

  2. Ÿour photos are amazing. You captured the sunset so beautifully….christine

  3. You have captured the beauties of cruising along the Maine coast soo perfectly !!!!!! And your photography is wonderful. Thanks, from a great admirer!!!! JPC

  4. Beautiful indeed!

  5. Wow, how beautiful! I especially like the full moon image.

  6. Beautiful pictures! The food spread looks so good, and I LOVE that floating cabin. I’ve never seen that. Is it docked? Does it really float around the water? I’m intrigued and will have to google this. laurie

  7. Love it, I miss the coast of Maine – having lived there all during the 1990’s, your post brought back many wonderful memories. These are wonderful pictures of one of the very best places to live on earth.

  8. Just fabulous. Thanks for that wonderful look at the Maine coast.

  9. What a beautiful cruise! Thanks for sharing the experience.

  10. Beautiful! I agree perfect weather for boating, or anything outdoors! Cherish these days, I do! We hope to get a few more boat rides in.
    Maine is so lovely.

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