Recently, all things blue and white have been attracting my attention.  That color combination is not a new phenomenon, but these days it catches my eye at every turn, and I have nary a thing in that palette.  So, what’s a girl to do?  Perhaps a tablescape is a good place to start.

blue/white tableblue/white tableblue/white tableblue/white tableOff to Goodwill hoping to find something to get me started.  I found two of each of these plates which suit me just fine as they provide a new opportunity for mixing and matching.    There were four salad plates of similar style and I found additional blue glass ones at a local store.  Altogether, 16 pieces costs about $16, not a bad investment for experimenting with a new color palette.

blue/white tableWhere to start?  Nothing blue and/or white in my linen collection, but yellow accessories seem to make a happy late summer combo.

blue/white tableOh, and I do have these beautiful blue stems that I bought several years ago at the Union Antique show and which rarely come out of the cabinet…..perfect!

blue/white tableEach napkin is tied with a piece of colored raffia, a very quick and easy way to gussy up a napkin!

blue/white tableLast to worry about  is the center of the table, and when all else fails, I go to the trusty green bottles this time mixed with an assortment of smaller ones  filled with what’s blooming in the yard.  A couple of my favorite pitchers are added to continue the blue, white and yellow theme.

blue/white tableAll complete, I’m very happy with my blue and white finds and will be on the lookout for other things to use with them.  Let’s not have a set table go to waste.  Want to come for dinner?

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17 thoughts on “Debut of the Blues

  1. You did a lovely job! So inspiring for mixing and matching, next time I only see one or two of something, I won’t be so quick to pass it up. Love your centerpiece, too. -Dawn @ We Call It

  2. Cute table! Love the blues too! I’ve been decorating with tuscan green, gold, red for a long time and I think that’s why the blue is grabbing my heart strings lately.

  3. Lulu, blue, white and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations. Your table looks beautiful. What deals you got on those blue and white china pieces, and that pitcher is so unique with the pretty, curvy spout. laurie

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