No Such Thing As A Bad Day

To quote a friend, “There’s no such thing as a bad day. Some days are just better than others.”

MaineMaineMaineMaineThe first day of our most recent boat trip with kids aboard started out great with clear blue skies and beautiful scenery all around.

Little Cranberry, MaineOur destination was Roque Island, Down East about 4 hours from Rockport.  Along the way, there are some places to explore.  First stop was Little Cranberry Island, one of the few Maine islands with a year round population and a favorite place to stop for a dockside hamburger.  Today, the restaurant was closed which may have been a signal for what was to come.

Little Cranberry, MaineWe did find a bite to eat, however, at a roadside tent up the road from the dock which had just what was advertised.

Mud Hole, MaineNext stop was Mud Hole, appropriately named because the bottom is totally mud and at low tide access to and from the island is a bit challenging, another sign that all might not go well on this voyage.

Mud Hole, MaineAll was not lost here because the girls and I found what we called mussel heaven.   That night, steamed and served with pasta, they made a delicious impromptu dinner that might be called from sea to table.

Roque Island, MaineLate afternoon, we arrived at Roque Island, known for its mile of sandy beach, something not generally found in Maine.

Roque Island, MaineBeing there, anchored in the midst of beautiful surroundings made it possible to think you were the only persons in the universe.

Roque Island, MaineLater, as the sun set

Roque Island, Maineand the moon rose you could not help but be grateful for the  incredible gifts God has given us.

Roque Island, MaineTired and happy, we bunked down having no idea that when we awoke this is what we’d see.  The fog was so dense it definitely fell into the category of pea soup.  Our boat is equipped with the latest radar and navigation systems so we decided to head back to Rockport rather than wait for the fog to lift as that possibility didn’t seen too promising.    Boating in thick fog is not my favorite thing to do, but thankfully, the hubby is an accomplished navigator and boat person.

Fog, MaineMay I tell you that the fog never lifted, and to make matters worse, the hubby noticed the batteries weren’t charging as they should.  He said nothing, but when we made an unexpected stop at the Hinckley yard in Southwest Harbor, I knew something was wrong.

SW Harbor, MaineDown came the mechanic on duty, and after 3 1/2 hours of testing, it was determined that the alternator was bad.  I can assure you that by now, everyone was getting a little testy as we were cold and wet and the kids who were here were thinking this wasn’t why they came to Maine.  Who can blame them?

Indian Island, fogIn any case, a temporary fix allowed us to get back to Rockport Harbor where for the first time that day we could see beyond our nose.  Indian Island, which always welcomes me home, never looked so good.

There may be no such thing as a bad day, but I can assure you some are definitely better than others!  That is particularly true when you are a boater.

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31 thoughts on “No Such Thing As A Bad Day

  1. When you have a day like this you appreciate the better ones even more!!! 🙂

  2. Love your outlook! Even with all the navigation systems on your wonderful boat,I know Pete and you were glad to be safely home. It is amazing the way the fog rolls in…a similar thing happened to us with friends in Nantucket. I was never so happy to hear a fog horn which meant we were back in the harbor even though you couldn’t see a thing.

  3. Just now seeing this since I didn’t read blogs while I was there with you! Looking back, I think we all handled that long. foggy day beautifully. 🙂

  4. Yes, that fog could have been around for a week. How did I know that? Ha!
    Glad you were not stranded in the water and made it to land. Sandy

  5. L.L. Bean, Friends of Acadia, and private donations pay for the propane powered Island Explorer buses that are used to discourage auto traffic, thus cutting down the amount of pollution. The shuttle service covers most anywhere you want to go on the island and it is free to the rider (donations accepted). The eight or so different routes all originate at The Village Green in Bar Harbor. There are regular stops along each route but if you don’t make it to the stop, just flag down the bus and it will stop for you. They will also stop to let you off anywhere along the line where they can do so safely. What a marvelous treat for the car-less cruiser.

  6. Kathleen Oliver July 30, 2013 — 8:41 pm

    Lovely of you to share your fabulous photos and activities. All’s well that ends well! The girls will always remember that foggy day. Everything is fine and hot in Texas.
    Thank you for sharing the recipes. It will be fun to try some of them.
    Love and hugs,

  7. I can relate to what you are sharing here and I completely agree with you, when you are a boater, you have some days that are not quite as good as others… I am glad you got back safely.Thank you for sharing these wonderful images!

  8. I love the beautiful and rugged coastline of Maine! I’m glad you made it through the dense fog and were able to repair your boat for your next adventure!

  9. nutsfortreasure July 29, 2013 — 7:47 am

    Glad you all made it back safely.

  10. You probably are already (still) talking about this trip, so it’s one that created memories, although I’m sure it was scary at time. I’m glad you got back safely. Some of your pictures are beautiful! ~Zuni

  11. I would have been very nervous in that fog. Reminds me of our trek from Fairbanks to Anchorage in a motor home in December and it was well below zero. Our alternator broke and my husband was outside working to no avail without gloves on . The kids and I were inside with our snow suits on it was so cold. We got help but won’t forget how afraid I was especially for my husband.

    Glad you made it home safely.

  12. Boating can be wonderful and scary, we’ve been caught in the fog and that is one of the eeriest things I’ve ever experienced~your granddaughters will remember that for the rest of their lives and it will become more fun every year in the retelling. Your boat is beautiful, and how much fun to have so many interesting places to explore! I love my trips in Maine thru you!

  13. Hi Linda, I loved see pics of your beloved Maine! Maybe one day I’ll experience it. I’m glad you made it safely home and I would be so happy to see Rockport Harbor, too.

  14. Lulu, I would have been a nervous wreck. I’m glad your return was safe.
    We went to Little Cranberry Island when we visited Maine two summers ago. Oh, how I want to return to Maine for an extended stay one summer. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Your everyday world is so different from mine here in TN, but I love reading about and seeing your beautiful photos! Dianne

  16. Wow, Lulu, glad you made it through that fog and everything was OK. Great photos. I would love to visit Maine, only state on the Eastern seaboard I have not been to, definitely on my “wishful travel” list. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays. xo

  17. Hi Linda, really enjoyed this blog post. Incredible fog, I’m sure the minutes seemed like hours. Thank goodness for radar and GPS. Edward

    1. Even with the latest nag system, it was still an exhausting day of looking through the fog which took on all kinds of shapes.

  18. I would have been incredibly nervous but you seemed to take it all in stride. Now you can chalk it up as another adventure!


    1. Hey, I’m just glad it’s over!!!

  19. My tummy was tense just reading of your adventure. And it would happen when you have the girls along to feel responsibility. So glad you are back safely, and over time it will add to the memories. And home safely, you can again remember that beautiful sight the night you arrived. Those are award winning photos!

  20. Thank you for taking us with you, Lulu. The shot of the moon, wow!!

    1. Easy to take a good shot of something so beautiful!

  21. Goodness sounds like you experienced many ups and downs on this one. Yeah for the mussels, but that fog and boat troubles–that sounds scary. Glad all are safe.

    1. The fog was a little nerve wracking, not an experience I care to repeat.

  22. I love “traveling with you” through the gorgeous coastlines and towns of Maine…I am so sorry that your day did not quite end they way you expected, but the good thing is that you are safe and sound…a good thing…and a good thing to have an expert navigator/boatsman at the helm!

    1. At the end of the day the hubby was exhausted. Even with good systems, there’s a lot of hard work.

  23. I don’t think I would enjoy being out on a boat in thick fog either! I’m glad you all got home safe.
    It looks like Maine weather is very changeable!

    1. How right you are about the weather being changeable, totally in opposition sometimes to the forecast.

  24. Fog like that is really frightening, especially with family on board. That things should go wrong is what we call Sod’s Law. Glad it all worked out. I’m more and more impressed with Maine.

    1. Perhaps one day you will experience Maine for yourself. It is a marvelous place.

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