Magic Moments

Pipe DreamsIf you were hearing shrieks of delight today, they could well have been coming from me as this was a most magical day.  It was one of those perfect Maine days, a little warm perhaps, which provided a great excuse for a boat adventure.

A few days ago Peter Ralston, a photographer friend, said he had been out to Matinicus Rock and saw hundreds of puffins.  That was all the information I needed to get very excited about going there as in all the years I’ve been coming to Maine I’ve never seen anything other than a photograph of a puffin.

Matinicus RockNow, Matinicus, Abenaki for far out island,  is the last outpost between Maine and Bermuda, some 28 miles off the Maine coast and sitting high in the rolling Atlantic.  There it is right up ahead.  From a distance it’s a little hazy due to the warm air meeting the cold sea.

Matinicus RockAs we get closer to the rocks, we become aware of the astonishing color of the water  crashing against them.

Matinicus RockAt one time there was a full time lighthouse keeper who lived on this solitary spot, but today the only humans are those who come from time to time to study the wildlife there.

Matinicus RockMatinicus is a protected wildlife refuge for the species that come primarily to breed.

Matinicus RockWe had to go round the rock a couple of times before we spotted puffins.  In case you are thinking they are large birds, they are not.  They are quite small which to the untrained eye makes them somewhat difficult to identify.

Matinicus RockMatinicus RockMatinicus RockJust look at these little beauties.  At this point I can hardly breathe I’m so excited.

Puffins on Matinicus Rock Peter Ralston
Puffins on Matinicus Rock
Peter Ralston

If I had a really great telephoto and had been on stable ground rather than a moving boat, maybe my photos would have looked like this.  Thanks, Peter, for sharing.

Matinicus RockThe little ones were flying overhead moving so fast it was hard to capture them, but you get the idea.  

Matinicus RockMaine is the only place the Atlantic puffins find nesting sites which are on roughly five rocky ocean islands.  The best time to see them off the coast is June and July.  Once the weather warms, the puffins move on to cooler climes.  Remind you of people?

There is much more to share about Matinicus, but It will wait until tomorrow.  In the meantime, enjoy the puffins and feel the cool ocean breeze blowing in your face.

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31 thoughts on “Magic Moments

  1. What is it about Puffins that makes them so cute!! Some great photos there too !

  2. Kathie Grealish July 14, 2013 — 9:49 am

    Linda! How amazing!!!! So sorry we missed this! What an amazing experience, your photos and info. is wonderful.
    Please say hello to Maine from the Grealishes.

  3. Whether dead puffins will continue washing up on shore and puffin chick survival rates will stay low remains to be seen. But there are enough signals suggesting that puffins and other seabirds could be in trouble, said Rebecca Holberton, a professor at the University of Maine who has studied puffins for years.

  4. Linda, thank you for the great outing and wonderful chronicle!

  5. That was exciting to see the puffins. Your excursion was fun and we benefited too. When we lived in Alaska I always wanted to see them but never did. We were not out on a boat and maybe if we had we might have seen some.

  6. My son and daughter in law took a trip to Maine just to see the Puffins…and on our last trip we adopted one for our granddaughter…such incredible birds!…So glad that you were able to see them!!! Just loved your photos!

  7. Kress sat in a blind and watched puffins loafing on the rocks. By the opening of a burrow, two puffins began rubbing their beaks together, a courting behavior called “billing,” akin to kissing.

  8. I also did not know Puffins were so small! Always enjoy your info and fotos. Sandy G

  9. What a fun day, your photos are wonderful!

  10. I was in Maine two years ago and it was not nearly enough for me, I am dying to return. Having seen these photos of those darling puffins, I now simply must go back, camera in hand, to get some puffin pictures of my own. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You know what I think…..cutest little birds I’ve ever seen 🙂

  12. Beautiful images and so happy you could see this adorable creatures! Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. Thanks for liking my shawl-runner, I appreciate it. Have a great week.

  13. So jealous. Still waiting to add them to my life list. Tried to see them in Ireland several years ago, but nothing but sheep. Congrats!
    Donna in Tennessee

  14. what a lovely post the puffins are wonderful. Great photos my friend xo

  15. Linda, I would have been squealing with delight too!! What a treat to see Puffins, and a Pipe Dream for me 🙂 We’ve had heavy rain for two weeks but there are rumors the sun will be out today so we hope to go for a boat ride.

  16. Darn. So wish that we could have joined you. That sounds so wonderful!

    Hope you’ve been having a good weekend. Terry and Jack got here today; we are all trying to keep cool

    Sent from my iPhone

  17. This looks like a wonderful way to spend the day. It all seems so foreign to me in my landlocked state, but the water is beautiful and the Puffins are very handsome i their little tuxedos! Thanks so much for sharing. Dianne

  18. Aw, they are so cute! Glad you had a nice day on the water and got to see them in person:@)

  19. I have never seen a puffin before, and they are so amazing! What a wonderful day on the water, and a beautiful place of isolation and nature~

  20. How wonderful! Thank you so must for sharing!

  21. What a delightful day trip! Lovely bird photos. The shot of the wave was superb!

  22. Now that is my kind of an adventure. Good for you for getting out there to see these great birds. The water is beautiful…

  23. Loved your post Linda! Puffins are on my bucket list and I’m planning an excursion with my Dad when he is here next week. I hope we see as many sightings as you did!

  24. Oh how fun! What a delightful post…..puffins are so cute! Thanks for sharing and also for your visit to my table this week too.

  25. nutsfortreasure July 6, 2013 — 6:56 am

    Wonderful trip, great photos and pretty Puffins I could hear your squeals of delight from here! I love that they call this place home they certainly add just the right splash of color!

  26. Thanks for sharing! Love those adorable puffins!

  27. Lovely photos! There is a nature reserve near where I live in the UK where puffins gather to nest. They are very cute birds.

  28. Beautiful post…crazy little birds! Love that launch, Pipe Dreams.

  29. Puffins are the cutest little birds! Until today, I didn’t know what an Atlantic puffin was. I’m going to post the photos on my FB page.

    Sent from my iPhone🌴♻

  30. Delightful! A joy to read.

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