Feeling Festive She Said!

Considering how many friends rarely cook these days, I am so grateful for those who still enjoy spending time in the kitchen and making an at home dinner special.

Pams tablescapeMy friend Pam always does it right, and this night she said she was feeling festive.  Seeing her table made me feel the same way as it was a spirited visual delight.

Pams tablescapeSo many things caught my eye beginning with cut glass containers filled with flowers that came right out of her garden which is fodder for another time.

Pams tablescapeNestled among the flowers were adorable ceramic birds on the lookout for any little insect that might have come in with the flowers.

Pams tablescapeFor her festive table, Pam chose to use her beautiful china, crystal and silver.  So many times we don’t think to use our nicer pieces and they languish in the cabinet.

Pams tablescapeGuys get the red napkins, gals the green and, by the way, no sitting by your spouse!

Pams tablescapeOh, salad is on the table so I’d better put the camera away and join the others at the table. I do believe the aroma of etouffe is coming from the kitchen so there is promise of more good things to come.  Believe me, if you are ever invited to Pam’s for dinner, it will be your lucky day as she not only sets a lovely table, she’s a great chef!

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21 thoughts on “Feeling Festive She Said!

  1. I enjoyed your night out at Pam’s house. So pretty and I felt like I was there too. I will be thinking about etouffe all day. I look forward to hearing more about her garden.

  2. Beautiful table…lovely flowers.
    Enjoy the week…

  3. Life is short…use the good stuff and eat dessert first! The salad looks wonderful!

  4. What a treat to sit at a beautifully set table. I usually only bring out the china and silver for special occasions and the holidays. I think food tastes better on a china plate.

  5. Oh thanks for sharing Pam’s table…it is truly special…so gorgeously set. The food sounds as wonderful as the table…and how nice to be able to enjoy such a wonderful setting and meal with friends!!…One of the true gifts of life!

  6. What a beautiful table. I love that she used several colors of napkins. What a great idea! The salad looks so good, I’m sure the etouffee was fabulous!

  7. This looks beautiful…..and sounds like an invitation from Pam is a special delight! One of the things I’m looking forward to with retirement in a couple of years….is the opportunity to entertain more…..sounds like I could take a few tips from your friend…..thanks for sharing.

  8. Love the no sitting by your spouse! We have the same rule at our dinner parties. LOL
    You are lucky to have a friend that cares about setting a special table! It’s all in the details I say.

  9. Our good stuff should be part of everyday living. After all, who are we saving it for? I see too many beautiful sets of dishes languishing at estate sales because the children did not want the family china. It makes me sad, and it’s lovely to see your friend use it so beautifully on her table. Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Eating at specially set table always makes the food taste twice as delicious! Pam’s table is lovely.

  11. Beautiful table and salad! Friends sharing good times over a delicious meal is a winning combo anytime.

  12. That was so nice of you to honor your friend by showcasing her pretty table on your blog. It just makes people feel special when they take the time to use their “good” things! The meal sounded wonderful and it was nice that you were enjoying yourself so much. I have to remember to use my rose bowls for flowers, and not just votives.

  13. That looks so fabulous! Anything you’d eat would have to taste simply marvelous!

  14. It never fails that you feel like a special guest when love and thoughtfulness go in to the table. This is very pretty! The dinner sounds like it was delicious!


  15. I can’t believe that so many people don’t cook anymore. In another generation or two, there probably won’t be any need for a kitchen…just a “snack room” where you can stand for a quick bite. I’m happy that you had a lovely dinner with your friends.

  16. Gorgeous table clothe as well Linda.. what would our lives be without these very special times shared with special friends.?… j

  17. I love it that Pam pulls out the “good stuff” and shares her culinary skills with friends! There’s nothing like walking into a home and seeing that the hosts have gone above and beyond to make you feel pampered! It looks to me like Pam really knows her way around a table, and from the looks of that salad, she’s a great cook, too!!! Glad you all enjoyed!!!

  18. Lovely……..don’t you just cherish those friends who understand what entertaining and having dinner really means!! Tell your friend that everything was just wonderful!

  19. Sounds like a delightful dinner all the way around! And such a pretty table would make everything taste even better!

  20. nutsfortreasure June 26, 2013 — 5:09 pm

    Very pretty I can imagine who wonderful your meal was 🙂

  21. All I can say is…….that is a treat…that is DONE RIGHT !!!!! Thanks for sharing. Kit

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