Sprucing Up

The granddaughters are 10 and 12, old enough now not to draw on the walls with magic marker or put dirty feet and hands all over them, so it seems a good time to spruce up their room a bit.

Twelve Days of Christmas by Rachel Griffin

New coats of paint go a long way to freshen up their room,  and the colors in this wonderful piece of fiber art are the inspiration.

bedroom decorSome things, like these pieces from an antique shop, will stay the same

bedroom decorand work great as an over the bed detail.  They are also a handy place to keep favorite books and stuffed animals which still slip into bed at night.

girls roomThe little washstand from Anthropologie serves as a lamp table

girls roomand new pillows and quilts from TJ Maxx suggest bird sounds and the color of blooming things that are just outside the windows.

girls room

 This old pine bureau seemed a great complement for the pieces over the beds.  Originally,  I thought to paint it  but have decided to leave as is.  What do you think?

girls roomFor all the little extras that are often left on the floor, maybe the bench with pull out drawers will be an incentive for neatness.  We’ll see how that goes.

girls roomThe sun comes shining brightly into this room in the early morning and while these curtains won’t darken the room, they do soften the light.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdditionally, hanging them was a nice little project for the hubby and was done without too much fuss and only one dropped screw!

girls roomAll finished, the same space has a new look that was accomplished with little effort.  Now, all we need is the girls to come liven it up.


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16 thoughts on “Sprucing Up

  1. What a wonderful room! I love those pieces over the beds – so unique. That storage bench is not only handy, it is so pretty. The bright colors on the beds and the bird pillows give such a joyful look to the room. I really like this. I’m pinning those things over the beds. laurie

  2. Anthro should feature this in their catalog! This room is adorable! Yes it is feminine but not little girlie at all, this guest room is a wonderful retreat for any age. The color is so different and you have pulled all the eclectic touches together in a light whimsical way~they won’t want to leave!

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