Southwest Harbor: A Quick Look

Pipe DreamsTwice each year, I journey to Southwest Harbor on the southwest side of Mount Desert Island.  In the spring, it’s to take the hubby to pick up his boat; in the fall, it’s to pick him up after he returns Pipe Dreams there for the winter.

Southwest Harbor
Southwest Harbor

To many folks, Southwest Harbor is best known for being home to Hinckley boat builders, known worldwide for incredible workmanship. You can see many of their beautifully designed vessels in the harbor,

Southwest Harbor/Hinckleyand there’s always a new power or sail boat waiting to be launched.

Southwest HarborLike many Maine villages, Southwest Harbor takes on new energy in the summer when part-time residents and visitors return.   Most of the shops and eateries can be found on the main street, and there are some places I always visit.

Under the Dogwood
Under the Dogwood

One is Under the Dogwood Tree, a delightful shop with an eclectic inventory.

Southwest HarborSouthwest HarborSince I’m very drawn to upcycled items, I particularly  appreciate these baskets and doormats made from colorful lobster pot lines.  

Little Notch Bakery
Little Notch Bakery

For a tempting pastry, sandwich or freshly baked bread, Little Notch Bakery is a must,

Cafe 2
Cafe 2

and you can always count on Cafe 2 for a tasty meal.

Sawyer's Market
Sawyer’s Market

My very favorite place in Southwest Harbor is Sawyer’s Market, owned by the Worcester family since 1959 and in business since 1946.  You just wouldn’t believe what you find inside the market’s very unassuming storefront!

Southwest HarborSouthwest HarborSouthwest HarborWhether you’re shopping for fresh produce or seafood, unusual gourmet items, a great wine, Sawyer’s is likely to have it.  I mean, is there another place where you find chocolate coconut peanut butter!

The Claremont HotelShould you stay in Southwest Harbor, the historic Claremont Hotel is a charming place from which to take in the sights.  You can explore nearby Acadia National Park, one of the country’s great gifts, or just sit and rock on the front porch.

The coast of Maine is full of unexpected delight, and Southwest Harbor is no exception.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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22 thoughts on “Southwest Harbor: A Quick Look

  1. Wonderful owners! The cabin was immaculate and it’s great to see that they recycle. Also nice to have no smoking policy for the entire area. Always stay at Acadia Cabins when traveling to Acadia.

  2. I really need to put Maine on my bucket list!

  3. Thanks for the tour!!!….so many wonderful quaint towns in Maine…I love to explore Maine through you…my last visit there was way too short!

  4. The Kingsleigh Inn Bed and Breakfast offers waterviews and is located in downtown Southwest Harbor. This lodging gained the Editors’ Choice award by Yankee Magazine as “tops among places no traveler will want to miss” and are highly recommended by Fodor’s and Frommer’s . In their 2008 guide, Fodor’s notes “bend over backwards customer service” about The Kingsleigh Inn!

  5. What a wonderful quaint town, I bet the food is divine. I spied some wonderful looking pasta on the shelves of Sawyer’s Market, how I would love to wander there~the boats and baskets are stunning,

    1. I wanted to buy one of everything at Sawyer’s. as it was I came home with quite a lot.

  6. Love those baskets and appreciate the recycling of them. What a fantastic place. Wish I had a second home there. Dreamy.

  7. Maine looks like such a beautiful state.

  8. I want to go, it looks like such a fun and beautiful place!

    1. A visit to Maine is filled with pleasure. The food is good, too!

  9. nutsfortreasure June 17, 2013 — 6:12 am

    Very nice area love Maine I spent my Sat. entertaining those who stopped at our table in Arundel 🙂

  10. Every time you share a tidbit or photo of Maine I feel the pull of the tide to visit! Hinckley vessels are beauties! I’m wild about upcycled products too, LOVE the baskets & mats from lobster pot lines!

  11. It does look like a super wonderful place to visit. Great photos.

  12. Charming places to shop and enjoy good food. As your summer in Maine begins I enjoy each post documenting your stay.

  13. Oh, it looks delightful in every way! I can just smell the salt water from here!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  14. What a lovely place! We did the New England Fall Color Tour a few years ago and had a day and night in Maine. Would love to go back and see more things.

    1. You should come back. One night is not enough.

  15. What a delightful town! I miss Maine so much now!!

  16. chocolate coconut peanut butter? wow that’s an unusual combination!!!

    1. You wouldn’t believe how good it is!

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