Lucky girl that I am, half of my year is spent in Houston and half in Rockport, Maine.  As you might guess, the two environments are very different.  Houston is a big city with lots of people and traffic, terrific restaurants, great shopping, professional sports and incredible visual and performing arts.

data=Ay5GWBeob_WIPLDYoIWcfVXxvZu9XwJ55OX7Ag,MJiqbusxCsk-l8k8NiMvxCrlr8_46OdWNEM65sV71RnQxjgDkTFDNjYje7dIj7eMR8tXQhmuZHfxVnt_W4scPQmJT4oDInc1slugVLjDKacSXzIGFalYeq7fUUoVyEQCTivs2JajjbRILnVUWFGZGcpOdmZIDzbIsoSJEjfaIQ9KycdVuJMBYxoOSdQRockport, on the other hand, is a small village on Maine’s midcoast with some 3300 residents.  Its history dates back to 1769 when it was first settled and in 1791 it was incorporated as Camden.  In 1891, there was a split because of a dispute over building a new bridge over the harbor and Rockport, so named because of its rocky terrain, became a separate town.

Rockport Harbor In 2008, Forbes put Rockport at the top of its list of America’s prettiest towns in no small part due to its beautiful harbor.

Andre/Rockport HarborFrom the 1970’s-1986, Rockport Harbor was home to Andre, a seal who provided much entertainment for onlookers and about whom books have been written and movies made.

belted galloways

Aldemere Farm, responsible for bringing the first Belted Galloway cattle into the U.S., is in Rockport.  From that original herd, many others have spawned and the oreo cows, as they are called, can now be found in many parts of the country.

CMCARockport is home to CMCA where I am privileged to run the gift shop and meet art interested visitors from all over the country.

Maine houseThe architecture is quite different from Houston where homes tend to be newer and built of brick or stucco.  Here, many date back to the 1800’s and are mostly shingled or clapboard Maine cottages.

Maine houseHere and there you are likely to see a church converted to an eye catching home.

There is really no comparison between Houston and Rockport.    Both are places I like to be, but I must confess that Rockport with its natural beauty and quieter lifestyle does more to make my heart sing.  I  have good friends here, but they do not replace the long term friends that are in Houston.  Spring and fall I have to transition from one place to another and that requires a certain kind of energy that is sometimes difficult to  call up.  I love life in both places, and there’s no question I appreciate each more because of the time I’m not there.  

Come along now and for the next few months join me for a taste of life in Maine.

i so appreciate your visit and the comments you leave behind


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27 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Ooh Linda.. we (Francois and I) had a dream/desire to visit/live in Maine for years.. but then we chose Au! I SO enjoyed a peep into your ‘home town’ today.. and look forward to the coming months as you show more of it.. love that harbor pic.. and the cows.. and the clapboard houses.. and the… and the… love it all! Enjoy your special time there.. how blessed you are .. x j

    1. When/if you come to Maine, you can be sure there are 4 ladies here who would show you a very good time! Wouldn’t that be fun?

  2. Unlike Miami, this seems a real place you’d like to be.

  3. It’s ironic, Lulu, that a few weeks ago I was doing some online searching of interesting towns along the upper east coast. I never even thought of Rockport. Hubby and I just love small towns and we love the east coast. We’ve hit many great places from Florida up to Boston…now we want to go further north. I have to do a little more investigating and you have definitely spurred my interest!


    1. Jane, I can surely give you some hints for traveling Maine so just let me know when you want to get started. I can assure you there are lots of small towns!

  4. How fun and exciting to have such a dichotomy of worlds to live in! Can’t wait to see more of this lovely side of the country!

    1. Indeed, the two places are quite a contrast.

  5. For me, the choice between Rockport and Houston is a no brainer. Has to be Rockport. I should now mention that I have been to neither, but Rockport does look wonderful. The downside might be that I would be full to bursting with tourists, even though only 3000 odd people live there. Beautiful looking harbour and houses. Nice post.

    1. Some places in Maine are quite touristy, but Rockport is not one of them. True, the population increases a bit during the summer and new faces add to the fun of being here. As much as I love it in Rockport, I’m not up for spending the entire winter. That’s one place where Houston has a distinct advantage.

  6. Good Morning Lulu, I have visited America four times and each time it was to see my daughter, who at the time lived in Atlanta. On the fourth visit I took my then 80 year old mother (she is now 82) to America as she had never been and so wanted to visit. We stayed in Atlanta, took mum to Florida and on the way back we stopped to visit Savannah which was a beautiful place.
    I have just made a friend who has become a penpal who lives in Houston. So she is telling me all about the place.
    Maine looks such a lovely place to live. I like the slow, relaxed pace of life so it was lovely to take a stroll with you.
    I have enjoyed my visit and I am looking forward to my next visit to Maine.
    Oh yes and I am no following you.
    Best Wishes to you,

    1. There is much to know about Houston and I hope your pen pal makes it interesting for you. You are ahead of me in your travels as I’ve not been to Australia. My husband has been there numerous times and loves it.

  7. Having lived in Houston briefly, I’d take Rockport any day, if for no other reason than the heat & humidity 🙂 Would love to visit there one day!

    1. Houston does get a bad rap for its weather, but 7 months out of the year the climate is pretty enjoyable. Maine is waiting for you!

  8. Lulu ~ you are blessed to live in such beauty!

  9. I loved hearing your comparisons of your two homes, I can relate a little. Our 2 homes are only 270 miles apart and both in Alabama, but the atmosphere and climate differences are still very different. We go back and forth often and on whim, I don’t know if I could pack up and leave either place for months at a time…I am sure it is energy draining but how nice to know that once you get there you are in place for a while! I can picture you welcoming visitors in the Art center and loving meeting and sharing your special town of Rockport. I look forward to reading more about it over the summer

    1. Yes, being away from both places for a long period results in something of a disconnect, but I love thinking of both places as home which gives me much more of a connection. Does that make sense? You are lucky that your place is a little closer to home.

  10. Rockport. Visitors may bring their own kayak to launch or rent one near the harbor. Sailors around the harbor can also view Indian Island Lighthouse, a privately owned lighthouse built in 1875. Although the grounds are not open to the public, the Lighthouse can be viewed by boat or from Rockport Marine Park.

  11. Lulu,
    We adored Maine when we visited a few years ago and would jump at the chance at return. The next year or two is already booked up with other plans though so it’s on the wish-list 🙂
    Like you I am not certain I could handle the winters… so your solution of part-time Maine and part-time Houston sounds perfect.
    We try and do something like this when we go to New Zealand too… but since it’s such a long way and we have work commitments here in The Netherlands, we have to be content with 4-6 weeks. At least we manage to leave some of the worst of the Dutch winter behind and swap it for some summer weather on the other side of the world. It’s certainly better than nothing.
    The architecture is wonderful…and the Rockport harbour is beautiful. Excellent choice of location, well done 🙂

  12. I would say you are fortunate to be able to enjoy two environments for six months a year.

  13. Bonnie morgan June 7, 2013 — 2:45 pm

    I look forward to your Maine transition. It is always interesting.

  14. I have never stopping in that shop but go through and shop there a lot in town. Used to be a beading shop I loved there close to LL Bean 🙂

  15. Having lived in both places, I can say that your two homes are as different as night and day. Each nice for different reason as you have stated. 🙂

  16. How fun to run the gift shop!! What an ideal job for you to meet interesting people everyday and get paid!!

  17. I love it when you are in Maine….we get to see so much beauty!!! Thanks for all of the amazing tours!

  18. The small but stunning harbor in Rockport is home to sailing and boat tours. Although it used to be a working harbor, today it is filled with pleasure and tour boats. Famous windjammers, yachts, and other beautiful boats can all be found in this quiet cove. Visitors can enjoy daily scenic excursions aboard schooners and other vessels or sunset dinner cruises with views of Penobscot Bay. For those looking to be more adventurous, try your hand at kayaking on the gentle waters around Rockport. Visitors may bring their own kayak to launch or rent one near the harbor. Sailors around the harbor can also view Indian Island Lighthouse, a privately owned lighthouse built in 1875. Although the grounds are not open to the public, the Lighthouse can be viewed by boat or from Rockport Marine Park.

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