What’s In A Mudroom

mudroomMost houses in Maine have a mudroom, a place to hang soggy jackets and leave muddy shoes.  Our mudroom is what you would call multi purpose and just may be the most used room in the house.  Sure, it’s where we leave our wet and dirty things and lace up our boots in winter, but it’s much more.  

mudroomThe baskets  beneath the bench are for recycling, something we do religiously.

mudroomHanging above the bench is a piece I found at the Union Antique Show several years ago.    Not only does it provide a few more hooks for winter wear, the cubbies are perfect for all those little containers I use for flowers.

mudroomThere is a sink in the mudroom which is great for rinsing off hands gotten dirty gardening and for arranging flowers.  Storage above and below hold an overflow of bottles and whatever else anyone wants to stick in them.  It’s probably better not to open the bottom cabinet!

mudroomAlong one wall are floor to ceiling cabinets.  What’s there?  Well, let’s look and see.

mudroomThere’s the practical stuff like baking supplies, canned goods, cleaning materials, candles

mudroombut more than half the space is filled with dishes,

mudroomlots and lots of dishes.  I have to confess that dishes and glassware are my absolute weakness and having so much storage has made it very easy to add piece after piece, however, unless something is gotten rid of there’s no where else to put anything.  Do you find yourself having that problem?

Today Alma at The Tablescaper invited her readers to post about where we put it all, so I’m off to see what solutions others have for their collections.  Won’t you join me?

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33 thoughts on “What’s In A Mudroom

  1. A mudroom is an invaluable space in climates where it is frequently wet or where it snows, but it’s also very useful if you have a young and active family. Mudrooms are even more useful when they are well organized so that muddy boots and sports equipment don’t take over your kitchen or entryway.

  2. I want a room just like yours, it looks amazing!

  3. I think we all agree that you have one of the nicest mudrooms around. 🙂

  4. Maybe that’s what I need next…a mud room! Great storage for your necessities and your passions. The wire trolly shelf is delightful. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  5. Oh I’m so jealous of those who have mudrooms. If only I had one. It would be my favorite room in the house.

  6. Your mud room is the best I’ve seen. So much storage and it is very functional. I don’t have a place for jackets, shoes etc. and the garage steps are full of shoes. My laundry room stays junky most of the time. I keep dreaming but don’t form a plan.

    I love your wire cubby shelf. So unique and stylish as well as practical. You have so many nice vases.

    You mentioned that you shudder thinking about taking everything out of your closets and redoing your bathroom. I have been talking about needing to do mine for four years. I got serious two years ago and then quit. I was fearful of not liking what I would choose and then dreaded the process so I put it off another two years. I am so glad it is behind me and that I finally did it.

  7. Love that room and such a multi-purpose room…beautiful and functional…I have dishes stored in my laundry room cabinets…so I was happy to see some in your mudroom….

  8. What a wonderful room, Lulu. Such great storage and such practical ideas. I love that wire basket thing with hooks on it. Great find! Yes, I’ll have to get rid of something before I get more china. I’ve been browsing my husband’s closet to see what he might not need any more. Just kidding. laurie

  9. It looks like you’ve found the perfect solution and space for dish storage!

  10. What a great room! It looks more like a butler’s pantry than a mud room! It organizes your things beautifully, I love the bench and baskets and the black and white floor,

  11. Linda, I love the black/white checkered floor. I love the basket storage for recycling. I love all your cupboards for those dishes is wonderful!

  12. Hallie Cecile Hasenbank June 3, 2013 — 10:33 am

    Lulu, I have been following your blog and I love reading it! It was cool to see LF and I on chicken love!

    Read..Write..Run Hallie

  13. I am really loving your mudroom! We don’t currently have one in this house, but we will be making sure there is one when we build in a few years. They are so practical! I really like that you have a sink in there and the idea that it is used for arranging flowers. How brilliant to bring flowers in from the gardens and arrange in the mudroom instead of bringing them into the kitchen! Definitely going to incorporate that!

    1. Believe me when I tell you the mudroom is multifunctional. It is an especially good place for kids to leave their messes behind!

  14. Hi Lulu, thanks for visiting me at We Call It Junkin. I love your mudroom! So organized, I especially like the wire cubby rack, it just has a great look to it. You asked about my pie safe, if it is cherry, no it is made of a mix of heart pine and oak. I guess the maker just used whatever was around. You also asked about a Follow Box and WP reader. I am using WP.org, not .com as you are, but I’m so new to it all I don’t know as much about that as you do so I can’t tell you – sorry. I didn’t know there WAS a WP reader! I’ll have to check on that. If you want to follow me I have email and RSS set up, but I’ll check into the WP reader thing, thanks for letting me know about that. Blessings to you – Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  15. Very envious of the mudroom. We have to enter directly into our house, which is fine in summer but a mess in winter. I shall be musing over the summer months on how to add a mudroom.

    1. I totally know the kind of mess that is created in the winter and shudder to think about it being in the rest of the house. You wouldn’t believe how grateful I am for the mudroom!

  16. Great way to utilize the space. The cabinets are fantastic.

    1. I would be in real trouble without all the storage!

  17. What a great mud room…and all that storage in one place, awesome!

  18. Wow! I don’t live where it’s cold and muddy but I absolutely love your mud room. That wall of cupboards it to die for!
    Thank you so much for sharing. Ginger

    1. You can’t imagine how important the mudroom is here. It’s a catch all for everything ad for sure saves lots of wear and tear in the house. I always appreciate your stopping by.

  19. You have a great mud room. We do not have those here; however, we have a large butler’s pantry/wine cellar that holds all the entertaining china, silverware and wine storage for 400 bottles and my favorite Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee pot!

    1. Wine storage for 400 bottles, woohoo! The mudroom is essential here, but in Houston we, too, have a butler’s pantry which may be my favorite space in the house.

  20. nutsfortreasure June 2, 2013 — 4:26 pm

    Oh you made me want a Mud room so badly. I know it would have to be as big as the kitchen so maybe I better shoot for an outside sink with a potting shed as he loves to scavage and bring me home TREASURE yesterday a gorgeous WHITE Christmas tree with lights already a part of it and shells more shells I have a complete bathroom full of them I told him I shall star painting inside and make the whole place Ocean themed. He does LOVE me but I want an all white Minimalist look 🙂 well because I am pretty colorful as it is but seeing yours it would be my favorite place as well 🙂

  21. Envious!! Thank you for sharing your great idea. I wondered how you store your dishes long before this post… 🙂

    1. We don’t have a mud room in Houston, but in Maine it is a necessity, especially in winter.

  22. What a beautiful mudroom. I wish I had a space like this; I have a small laundry room going out to the garage but very little space to do anything with. I love getting ideas for it, though. I really like your blog; I came here from Seasonal Sundays and am a new follower.


  23. Great looking mad room, along with fabulous orgasnized storage for all your lovelies! Thanks for sharing. Come on over!
    Big hugs,

  24. Very enjoyable to look at …neat and tidy I love that…don’t have that but love it……such a room is very handy to have …all the misc. In one area…..thanks for sharing…..Kitt

    1. Not always tidy. You should see it when we are here in winter.

  25. I would really like to trade mud rooms Linda. Mine has mud, dirty riding boots, Michael’s farm clothes… you get the idea. You’ve given me something to aspire to!

    1. Without the mushroom, we would be real short on storage and I’d probably only have one set of dishes!

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