Chicken Love

Franklin farmThese girls do love their chickens.

P. C. Lewis PhotoWhere did their chicken love start?  Perhaps  in Provence of all places.  Several years ago we did a house swap, and taking care of chickens was part of the deal.  The girls thought that was great fun and enthusiastically fed them and gathered their eggs.

Last summer, a farm became home to the girls, and they started dreaming about having chickens of their own.  To get them ready, the hubby enrolled them in Chicken Care 101 otherwise known as helping to take care of Julia’s chickens when they were in Maine.

chickensEvery day they reported for duty, first letting the chickens out of the pen to roam free for a bit.

chicken dutyWhile the chickens were out, there was water to be changed.  The girls learned that adding a few drops of vinegar to the fresh water helped control bacteria.

chicken dutyNew food was carefully measured and food trays filled.

chicken dutyThe girls found out that chickens create a lot of mess and that the pen had to be cleaned every day.  They took this part of the job very seriously and uncomplainingly swept until the pen was perfect.

chicken dutyOnce the chores were done, there was time for a little chicken play.  The girls were very surprised to find that some chickens are very social.

chicken loveEven Mom got into the act

chicken loveand now on their own farm she and the girls share chicken love.  Now, if those chicks will just start laying eggs……

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27 thoughts on “Chicken Love

  1. Love that old picture from Provence! Can’t wait to discover our first eggs…and hoping our chickens live to produce them! Learning the hard way!

  2. Your girls seem to have taken well to farm life. Good for them in doing the work needed to keep the chicken coop clean.

  3. Farm life looks like it is agreeing well with the “girls”…what could be better than having fresh eggs! Loved the pics!!!

  4. Love seeing the Provence pic of a younger child. Can’t tell which one. That was a wonderful time for all of you to enjoy. I am intrigued by the house swap idea. Did you swap your Maine house or Texas?

    I hope they get eggs right away. So exciting the girls are enjoying all the chores.

  5. I think that’s so lovely that they enjoy the chickens so much!! I actually have a fear of chickens… I got attacked and scratched by them when I was about ten years old. This was totally my fault since I burst into the chicken coop and woke them all up. But it led to a bird phobia that has lasted most of my life. I am just now getting better and do enjoy watching the birds in our yard (as long as they stay on the feeders in the trees and don’t get too close, lol).

    1. You know, I had a similar experience with a cat and have never been fond of them as a result.

  6. Adorable girls! So fun that they are experiencing farm life and chicken love 🙂
    Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Thank you, Mary. This farm life is a new experience, but the daughter and family are loving it so far.

  7. Billie Keirstead May 26, 2013 — 3:28 pm

    The girls certainly look like their mom with those dimples and big smiles. Next time ou are visiting the farm let me know and I will try to make a trip over to see you.

    1. Oh Billie, that would be something! Our next trip won’t be until fall and I’ll let you know.
      The girls are cuties but in biased!

  8. Oh! I wish we could have chickens so much, how lovely that would be! Thanks so much for sharing with us, good luck on the egg-laying!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  9. How wonderful! Being a farm boy, myself, we still have chickens and so enjoy them and the wonderful eggs they produce. We have one that decided she wanted to set………well not having a rooster, we visited a local farmer and acquired 4 eggs for her to hatch……….I can’t wait! What joy these simple creatures can share with us.

    1. So you are a farm boy? You can appreciate the newness of this life for my daughter and her family.
      Are you returned from your journey?

  10. nutsfortreasure May 25, 2013 — 2:40 pm


      1. nutsfortreasure May 29, 2013 — 4:27 am


  11. What fun! Both the girls and the ‘gals’ seem to be learning from each other. These scenes could be pretty illustrations from a children’s storybook! Thanks for sharing!


  12. pretty as can be girls, and cute chickens!

    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving your nice comment.

  13. Great experience for these young girls. Looks like they are enthusiastic and responsible. Thanks for sharing this sweet post.

    1. Part of this new farm life is about the girls learning responsibility which they have taken to without complaint so far.

  14. What a wonderful experience for the Girls…so many life lessons learned there……

    1. You are right Kitt, though losing chickens and ducks has been hard on the girls.

  15. I have been trying for several years to get my husband’s approval for my own chicken coop. Needless to say, I have not been successful. What farmhouse is complete without chickens? Didn’t know there was such a thing as Chicken Care 101! I will have to search the MS Gulf Coast for a similar class. Maybe that will help hubby to get on board!
    Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

    1. For Chicken 101 all you need is a friend with chickens!

  16. Happy chickens provide beautiful, delicious eggs. I’m sure these well-cared-for chickens will produce eggs in no time! Lovely photo story, Linda 🙂

    1. I just hope the virus doesn’t wipe all the chicks out. Losing them one by one has been traumatic for this new farm family.

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